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  • Inventory Control with Durable Identity

    Metal bar code nameplate aids asset tracking

    There is urgency to the repair, cleaning and restoration of property damaged by fire, wind, water or other disasters. Insurers and property owners want the damage undone quickly, and local service businesses like Rainbow International franchisees are equipped to move fast. The company, established in 1981, offers ho... 

  • Growing Retail Business with Durable Identity

    Metal nameplate delivers consistent branding

    A lot of businesses start in a garage. Whether they stay there or grow to be global corporations, all begin with a small space and the passion for an idea. So it was for Brian and Melanie O'Neil of Rustic Marlin Designs who transformed their search for wedding gifts into a booming custom sign business. The couple's... 

  • Signs of Success

    LaSalle County Highway Department - Ottawa, IL deploys barcode system to track their sign inventory

    No one wants to get caught up in a mess of litigation where everyone is pointing fingers and looking for someone else to blame. This scenario can easily happen when it comes to traffic accidents caused by poor visibility of traffic signs with inadequate sheeting r... 

  • Sustaining Ski Resorts with Efficient Snowmaking

    QR code tag protects patents, improves service

    Ski resorts have long relied on snowmaking to improve the reliability of their snow cover and extend their ski seasons. But North American resorts today face challenging snowmaking conditions – limited resources, unpredictable weather and shortening windows of opportunity to make snow. Utah-based Snow Logic... 

  • Easy Apron Tracking

    Tabbed barcodes help Michigan health system manage radiation personal protective equipment
    Opportunity: improve radiology inventory management

    Radiology is essential to diagnosing and treating disease, but radiation remains a potential hazard. Accordingly, hospital patients and staff wear personal protective equ... 

  • Asset Tags Keep Inventory in Focus uses Metalcraft's smallest labels to track the nation's largest rental inventory
    Opportunity offers cameras, lenses and related equipment for rent by mail. Formed in 2006 when the founder couldn't find a lens he wanted locally, it has grown to become the largest photographic equipment renter in the U.S. "We're a family-run business of use... 

  • Keg? ID Please

    AnotherRound Apps' keg tracking solution brings low-cost accountability to distribution

    While overall U.S. beer sales are flat, the craft beer industry has seen more than a decade of growth, posting double digit gains in recent years. These small, independent brewers are growing demand for traditional beers with enthusiastic support across the distribution syst... 

  • Keeping Tabs on Traffic Signs


    In January 2012, all 50 states and the communities within them are required by the United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration to have a plan for bringing their traffic signs into compliance with the agency's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – an 800-page volume of standards for the design, installation and use of traffic signs, road surface markings an... 

  • Better Braking with Bar Codes

    New York Air Brake depends on Metalcraft nameplates to serve global railway customers
    Opportunity: permanent identity labels on railway vehicle air brake products

    New York Air Brake (NYAB), serving the rail industry since 1890, today operates the most technologically advanced rail brake manufacturing fac... 

  • Sales Moored with Product ID Labels

    Slidemoor sticks with Metalcraft nameplates to tie down more boat owners
    Opportunity: promote and protect innovative boat docking product

    Boat ownership is a considerable responsibility, and owners' maintenance and storage challenges have not changed much through the years. In particular, docking anyplac... 

  • Scanning For Signs

    Barcodes help Arizona city manage safety, growth

    Chandler, Arizona is a major suburb of Phoenix and has grown from a 1980 population of 30,000 to a 2007 figure over 240,000. Like many fast-growing cities, Chandler must continually expand transportation infrastructure, including traffic signage. Traffic signs help keep the growing city safe – reducing traf... 

  • Barcoding Barrels

    Raymond Vineyards' barrel tracking reinforces winemaking tradition

    Winemaking traditions go back for centuries, but technology is challenging some of the long-standing methods of producing excellent wines. Even wine's barrel-aging is evolving alongside advances in irrigation, corking systems, vine genetics and disease control. Still, simply keeping better track... 

  • Dental Students Stay Clean with Bar Code Tracking

    Tufts University relies on Metalcraft nameplates to serve 600 patients daily
    Opportunity: track instrument inventory at dental school

    Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston combines education, research, patient care and community service to produce well-rounded dental professionals. They combi... 

  • Cleaning Up with Bar Codes

    ServiceMaster uses barcodes to track equipment at worksites
    Opportunity: eliminate loss of mobile cleaning equipment

    ServiceMaster was founded as a moth-proofing company in 1929 and expanded to carpet cleaning in 1952, establishing one of America's first franchise businesses. Today, the company operates eight businesses, including over 4,500 ServiceMaster Clean franchis... 

  • Tracking Traveling IT

    Bar codes help consultants manage global IT inventory, budget

    Vantage Partners helps some of the world's leading global companies with conflict resolution and partner relations – mergers, alliances and partnership management. Their management consultants provide global, hands-on professional service delivery supported by mobile information technology &nd... 

  • Linking Beyond the Grave

    Monumark's QR codes connect Michigan monuments to Web content

    Gravesites and other memorials are static places for visitation and reflection; most of these locations offer little about the person memorialized. Monumark is a Kalamazoo, Michigan-based business working to bridge grave sites to Web sites – promising to provide a richer way to remember history... 

  • Traffic Sign Management 101

    Bar Code Asset Tags help college town manage sign inventory.

    Ames, Iowa is home to nearly 60,000 residents, and about half are students at Iowa State University. The City's 250 miles of transportation infrastructure and 9,500 street signs include much of the public university's campus. For years, the City maintained an Access database with street sign locations... 

  • How Casey's Convenience Stores Improved Their Distribution Using Durable Labels on Returnable Containers


    A thin profit margin in the convenience store business puts extra pressure on inventory control, so individual Casey's General Stores hold no inventory. Instead, delivered items are placed directly on the shelf space. The publicly-owned chain's nearly 2,000 stores place orders which are filled in weekly shipments across 14 Midwestern states from 600,000 square feet of distribution center space in Iowa and Indiana.

    This jus...