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  • Packaging Deals for Mobile Shoppers

    NFC tag moves from bricks to clicks, drives sales

    Rehrig Pacific is a world leader in logistics optimization for merchandising; their plastic pallets and containers are popular with the agriculture, bakery, beverage, dairy and materials handling industries. Wherever you see a soft drink display, it's more than likely that those beverages... 

  • RFID Boosts Recycling Bins, Local Businesses

    Rewardsforrecycling.com changes household habits in Michigan
    Problem: Benefits of recycling is understood, accessible, but not practiced.

    Americans recycle about a quarter of their residential trash – a rate that has remained fairly constant despite the growth of curbside recycling service, community education and other efforts to encourage more recycling. Re... 

  • RFID Hurricane Evacuation Case Study

    'DogBone' RFID tags track evacuee's pets and medical assets in Texas

    And your little dog, too


    In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita challenged Texas officials' capacity to manage a mass evacuation. The state was already hosting more than 470,000 evacuees from Katrina when they were forced to scale their evacuation to nearly three million people as Ri... 

  • Motorola RFID Tool Tracking Case Study

    Motorola nets immediate $250,000 return for internal RFID tracking project

    Motorola's (formerly Symbol Technologies') Engineering Shared Services electrical lab in Holtsville, New York uses equipment worth more than $3 million – oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters, calipers, power supplies and other equipment – to design, develop and t... 

  • RFID in a Gated Community

    Radio Frequency Identification technology helps gated communities control access

    Residential gated communities are growing in popularity. About six percent of Americans live in a gated community and construction of such communities comprises 10 percent of the new home market – and as much as 50 percent in larger metropolitan areas in southern states. The o... 

  • RFID Labels at the Car Wash

    Durable windshield tags speed Cruz Thru Express Carwash service

    Americans spend more than $24 billion annually to have their vehicles cleaned at over 100,000 car washes in North America, according to the International Carwash Association. Still, competition in the carwash business is fierce, particularly in urban mar... 

  • RFID Tracking Tags Used by Egyptian Security Gates

    Windshield Radio Frequency Identification controls vehicle access

    Egypt has seen gated community development follow the same mass trend experienced in the United States. Over the past 30 years, more than 200 gated communities have been established along the coast and elsewhere. Most are privately built and maintained, including the walls, fences and access po... 

  • Preventing Extra Waste at the Gate

    Westminster, Massachusetts uses RFID to manage gate access to waste transfer station
    Opportunity: better access control to waste transfer station at lower cost

    As federal and state environmental regulations have closed small landfills and recycling rates have climbed, waste transfer stations have become important to hauling trash economically by consolidating loads befor... 

  • RFID at Trade Shows

    Radio Frequency Identification technology helps event managers and exhibitors deliver better events

    Beyond registration and check-in, attendees at conferences, trade shows and other events are largely "invisible" to the organizers and hosts. Most conference managers can't say with certainty that attendees are present at the sessions they registered to attend. T... 

  • Automotive Supply Chain Moves Better with RFID Packaging

    Universal RFID tags track $27 million packaging in closed loops
    Opportunity: track automobile parts packaging for added value

    The United States remains one of the world's top auto manufacturers and employers, despite decades of losses and a recent recession where auto sales fell by 40 percent and two of Detroit largest automakers entered bankruptcy. Ohio-based Surgere se... 

  • Finding RFID Means No Lost Art for Dealers, Collectors

    Art tracking solution depends on Metalcraft RFID labels to help manage art collections around the world
    Opportunity: reliably track the location or art to prevent theft or loss

    Many art museums, galleries and private collectors use cameras to secure their collections. Most also have processes for takin... 

  • RFID Asset Tags from IT to IVs

    Texas Tech Health Sciences Center uses RFID to manage over 1,500 medical assets
    Opportunity: protect assets of new medical school

    Medical environments are filled with mobile assets; keeping track of the specialized equipment is vital to safe, efficient work. This is especially true for the Advanced Teaching and Assessment in Clinical Simulation Center (ATACS) at the Tex... 

  • Unlocking RFID

    Universal RFID Asset Tag enables manufacturer's tool crib tracking

    Applied Engineering in Yankton, South Dakota specializes in high speed milling of aluminum components to close tolerances. Like most modern machine shops, they use automation and technology in the effort to produce high quality products ... 

  • RFID Fetches Cars, Shreds Paper

    Alli-Solutions delivers paperless, real-time tracking of automotive inventory
    Problem: automotive auction inventory is difficult to track

    The automotive auction industry is a quiet giant. The National Auto Auction Association reported $83.1 billion in sales of used vehicles at its member auctions for 2008. The Association's average auction member operates a 74-acre f...