Bar Code Cable Labels

Make it easy on yourself with easy-to-mark, easy-to-track Bar Code Cable Labels from Metalcraft. This product simplifies the task of marking cables, hoses, tubing, etc., by providing subsurface printing on one end with the clear part of the label wrapping around the pre-imaged information to provide additional protection. The propylene construction allows the label to conform to a tight radius without unwinding. The .002" thick adhesive provides excellent adhesion to hard-to-adhere-to plastic surfaces.

Metalcraft's digital subsurface printing allows for optimal clarity of detailed design and protection against solvents, caustics, acids and mild abrasion while eliminating the need for laminating. An onsite printing option is also available.
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  • Material: .002" polypropylene
  • Affixing Method: Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Environment: Mild and moderate. Resists moderate solvents and caustics/acids.
  • Numbering Options: Copy only, serialized/unserialized numbers and bar code with human readable numbers
  • Production Time: 6 work days
Bar Code Cable Labels