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Inventory Control with Durable Identity

Metal bar code nameplate aids asset tracking


There is urgency to the repair, cleaning and restoration of property damaged by fire, wind, water or other disasters. Insurers and property owners want the damage undone quickly, and local service businesses like Rainbow International franchisees are equipped to move fast. The company, established in 1981, offers home restoration, commercial restoration and carpet cleaning services through over 400 locations worldwide on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
The work – cleaning, drying, deodorizing, reconstructing – requires a lot of equipment, often deployed to multiple properties at once. For franchisee Pat Riley in southern Iowa, losing track of equipment was costing time and money. Fortunately, the company's business process software was capable of tracking his assets. He just needed to assign bar codes to his equipment.


Riley found Metalcraft products at a convention, noted their Iowa tie, and purchased Tabbed Metal Bar Code Nameplates for his equipment. These are Metalcraft's best-selling product, repelling extreme abrasion, solvents and temperature. The nameplate tab makes it easy to get a strong bond to the applied surface.
Now, Riley's team can reference the bar code as equipment leaves the warehouse and travels among job sites. Their software enables bar code scanning from a phone or tablet to associate equipment with a job location.


"Scanning equipment as it enters and exits our trucks lets us move smoothly from one job to the next," said Riley. "For example, we can see that we have three air movers in a bedroom for three days."
The ability to track and document assets also helps Riley's team stay accountable to the insurance claims adjusters who want to verify the restoration.
"I have control of my inventory now," says Riley. "And the Metalcraft tags look like they're going to last longer than my equipment."