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Asset ID Tags
Industry Industry
Medical Medical
Schools Schools
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Government Government
Warehouse/Distribution Centers Warehouse/Distribution Centers
Utilities Utilities
Wineries Wineries
Audio Visual - Media Audio Visual - Media
Food Processing Food Processing
Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Marine Marine
Transportation Transportation
Restoration Restoration
Materials Materials
Aluminum Aluminum
Metalphoto® Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags and Labels Metalphoto® Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags and Labels
Polyester/Plastic Polyester/Plastic
Tamper-Evident Tamper-Evident
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Paint-Resistant Paint-Resistant
Metal Asset Tags Metal Asset Tags
Application Application
Reusable Containers Reusable Containers
Traffic Signs Traffic Signs
OEM Product Identification OEM Product Identification
Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)  Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)
Tree Tracking Tree Tracking
Security Security
Warehouse/Distribution Centers Warehouse/Distribution Centers
High-Temperature High-Temperature
Paint-Resistant Paint-Resistant
UL Approved UL Approved
Unique Device Identification (UDI) Unique Device Identification (UDI)
Anodized MetalPhoto® Foil Bar Code Labels Anodized MetalPhoto® Foil Bar Code Labels
Anodized MetalPhoto® Bar Code Nameplates Anodized MetalPhoto® Bar Code Nameplates
Tabbed Metal Bar Code Nameplate Tabbed Metal Bar Code Nameplate
Premium  Premium "STYLEMARK" Labels
 "CRAFTMARK" Polyester Bar Code Labels
Plastic Tags - Premium Polyester Bar Code Labels Plastic Tags - Premium Polyester Bar Code Labels
Asset Tags -  Asset Tags - "VALUMARK" Labels
Foil Anodized Bar Code Roll Labels Foil Anodized Bar Code Roll Labels
Custom Asset Labels -  Custom Asset Labels - "AUTOGRAPHS®" Nameplates
Heat Seal Labels Heat Seal Labels
Etched and Filled Stainless Steel Nameplates Etched and Filled Stainless Steel Nameplates
Printed Foil Labels Printed Foil Labels
Bar Code Cable Labels Bar Code Cable Labels
Anodized Harsh Environment Bar Code Labels Anodized Harsh Environment Bar Code Labels
E-Z Peel Removable Bar Code Labels E-Z Peel Removable Bar Code Labels
Hang Tag Bar Code Labels Hang Tag Bar Code Labels
Long-Range Bar Code Labels Long-Range Bar Code Labels
Laser Cut Roll Labels/Label Kits Laser Cut Roll Labels/Label Kits
Anodized Aluminum Pallet Bar Code Nameplates Anodized Aluminum Pallet Bar Code Nameplates
High-Temperature Metal Bar Code Nameplates High-Temperature Metal Bar Code Nameplates
MetalPhoto® Foil 2D Dot Labels MetalPhoto® Foil 2D Dot Labels
Paint-Resistant Anodized Metal Bar Code Nameplates Paint-Resistant Anodized Metal Bar Code Nameplates
Permanent Paint-Resist Labels Permanent Paint-Resist Labels
 "E-Z PRINT" Labels
ID Advantage Bar Code Labels ID Advantage Bar Code Labels
Embossed Nameplates Embossed Nameplates
Ceramic Bar Code Labels Ceramic Bar Code Labels
Teflon®-Coated Anodized Metal Bar Code Nameplates Teflon®-Coated Anodized Metal Bar Code Nameplates
UDI Labels UDI Labels
Two-Part Bar Code Labels Two-Part Bar Code Labels
Polyester Container Bar Code Labels Polyester Container Bar Code Labels
Tamper-Evident Labels Tamper-Evident Labels
Security Bar Code Labels Security Bar Code Labels
Removable Paint Mask Labels Removable Paint Mask Labels
QuickTab Tag Dispenser QuickTab Tag Dispenser
ThermalMark -Thermal Transfer Printable Labels ThermalMark -Thermal Transfer Printable Labels
Onsite Printable RFID Windshield Tags Onsite Printable RFID Windshield Tags