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Metal Asset Tags & Nameplates

Metalcraft manufactures custom metal tags and nameplates for any type of identification application..

Universal RFID Tag Study

According to a new research, our Universal RFID tags are one of the most precise and reliable RFID tags on the market.

Converting with Inline Inspection

Our laser converting equipment allows unique customization and fast turnaround times.

RFID Converting With the Viper

The Viper gives us greater capacity to do custom RFID converting and allow for large throughput of orders.

Quicktab Tag Dispenser

The most expensive and often overlooked component of implementing an asset tracking system is the labor cost of applying the tags.

Predator - RFID Converting

Our RFID converting equipment - The Predator - allows us to construct, program and verify RFID tags all in one pass. From asset tags to wristbands to windshield tags, this equipment allows us to pass time and cost savings onto our customers.

Delta Edge - Laser Converting

Our laser converting equipment allows unique customization and fast turnaround times for our customers. This machine allows us to create label kits - where different sizes, shapes and designs can be printed on a single roll!

HPIndigo Printer

This versatile printer allows us to produce the graphics for our tags and labels. Pantone color matching allows us to correctly match the color of company logos every time. With nine supported file formats and reverse, subsurface printing capabilities, this printer has become an asset for several product lines at Metalcraft.

Metalcraft's Heat Seal Label Demo

The purpose of this video is to communicate and demonstrate the proper label application process for our Heat Seal label.

Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag

The Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag is a surface independent tag that uses a patented inlay design and passive RFID Technology to obtain a read range of approximately 12 feet. At just 2.75 inches long by 0.75 inches wide and just .05 inches thick, it remains the lowest profile among metal mount tags.

City of Ames

The City of Ames, IA selected Metalcraft Tabbed Bar Code Nameplates to use in their traffic sign tagging project. The bar code links to information about the sign including location, sign type and level of retroreflectivity in accordance with the federal requirement to maintain accepted levels of retroreflectivity.

Tabbed Metal Bar Code Nameplate

Rule #1 when applying an adhesive backed nameplate - don't touch the adhesive! Easier said than done when the liner doesn't always want to come off. That's what makes Metalcraft's new tabbed nameplate feature so indispensable. This video shows how to apply Metalcraft's best-selling Metal Bar Code Nameplates with a unique tab feature.

Universal RFID Asset Tag

Metalcraft's Universal RFID Tags are the closest thing you will find to a "one-size-fits-all" solution for your RFID tracking needs. These surface-independent tags get great read ranges on a variety of different surfaces - metal, plastic, even wood!

Application Instruction Video

Proper application of labels and nameplates is a critical component to any asset tracking application because it represents the largest expense - both in time and cost of labor - to physically apply the labels. This video demonstrates how to properly apply labels and nameplates in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of your asset tracking program.

Benchtop Laser System

Metalcraft's On-Demand Laser System allows you to create nameplates whenever you need them wherever you need them. The transportable turn-key system includes a benchtop fiber laser from Jimani with CDRH Class 1 custom enclosure, software, verifier and standard black anodized or photo anodized aluminum blanks - plus design assistance, installation, training and technical support to help you get the most out of your system.