3 Tricks for Applying Asset Tags That Stick For Years

Ok, so you have equipment and assets and you don't want to worry about the tags falling or peeling off.  What is the best way to apply your tags so they stay attached no matter what you throw at them? 

Lets walk through the 3 Metalcraft tips that will ensure a good bond.

1. Clean the Surface

Always, always, always clean the surface before you apply the label.  Basically, if you apply a tag with adhesive to a dirty surface you are going to be reapplying that tag sooner rather than later.  Make sure all the usual suspects are removed: grease, oil, wax, moisture, mold or dirt and the surface is completely dry before you place the tag. 

2. Handle With Care

Pressure sensitive adhesives on the back side of labels should only be handled by the edges.  As soon a finger or other object has touched the adhesive it has already lost some of its ability to bond well to the surface you are placing it on, so really try not to touch the backside of the tag before to have it placed on the asset.

3. Bond Product

Make sure you apply the tag with firm even pressure and make sure all edges have a secure seal and are laying flat.  Also, if possible, the bond should set for at least 72 hours before the tag is washed or the item is exposed to any harsh conditions. In addition to bond times, it's best to try and apply the label when the surface temperature is above 50°F.