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5 Ways To Use RFID In The Age Of COVID-19

April 7, 2021
RFID in the age of COVID-19

RFID has widespread applications in the everyday world, and now in the age of COVID-19, RFID can be a vital tool to assist in certain situations. We decided to take a look at 5 areas where RFID technology can be used in the fight against COVID-19.

1. Access Control

RFID badges and key fobs can be used to allow employees to enter buildings, visitors to check in when they enter your business, or employees to gain access to different parts of the building. A quick swipe of the badge or key fob can be a safe alternative to traditional key pads or tablets that require touch for sign in.

RFID badges also can be a tool for businesses wanting a record of visitors and providing the ability to have a detailed record of those visitors in case contact tracing is ever needed.

2. Contactless Payment

Between a shortage of coins and the overall uncleanliness of money in general, companies and their customers are turning to contactless payment more and more. Metalcraft’s RFID wristbands are a great option for just that - cashless/contact free payment. No need for customers or even employees at events, amusement parks, waterparks or museums to handle money or even use credit/debit card machines when RFID enabled wristbands allows you to preload money into your account and pay by simply holding the wristband to the reader.

3. Vehicle Access Control

Parking garages often require interaction between an attendant and the driver. By incorporating Metalcraft’s windshield or rear-view mirror tags, drivers gain contactless entry/exit.

4. Inventory control

The last thing a business wants is to run out of an important or popular product. RFID tags, like Metalcraft’s popular line of pallet tags, are a way for companies to accurately track their inventory so they can make sure their shelves are always stocked.

5. Asset tracking

As the business world and education systems adapt to remote work and learning environments, these institutions need a good system to keep track of assets that get moved off site or leave the office. Hand-written lists can be confusing and easily lost. Metalcraft has both on-metal and off-metal RFID tags that allow for easy tracking of almost any item.

RFID can be used in many ways and whether it’s access control, inventory control or even asset tracking, the technology can be extremely beneficial in the fight against COVID-19. To talk to an ID Specialist about your RFID needs, contact us or call us at 800-437-5283 or 641-423-9460.


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