Custom Polymer Asset Tags & Labels

Metalcraft customizes asset tags from the inside out. Identification options include barcoding, numbering, text, and serialization for any type. Physical properties extend from fundamental materials such as paper, polyester to size, color, design, durability and more. The choices extend even custom logos, and adhesive to make sure your tags are the right fit for your project. 


The polyester label with a .001" laminate includes .001” of adhesive making it ideal for high volume applications in mild environments.


The .002” polypropylene Valumark label conforms to uneven and curved surfaces and adheres tightly to plastics that resist labels under moderate use. Subsurface digital printing eliminates lamination and keeps graphics bright when used, primarily, for indoor asset tracking.


Durable .002" thick polyester labels adhere to uneven and curved metal and plastic assets. The .002” pressure-sensitive adhesive layer gives a strong bond.


Our top-of-the-line polyester label features our thickest polyester (.003") combined with a .0035" thick adhesive for the most demanding projects.