Benchtop Fiber Laser - Creating Compliant UID Labels & Tags

November 19, 2019
Benchtop Fiber Laser for UID Tags

One of the key points in the UID mandate is the UII must last the lifetime of the item. This is true regardless of whether you are complying with a pre-printed UID label or are creating the UID labels onsite. Laser engraved UID nameplates are one way users can create their own UID nameplates onsite when quicker turnaround times are needed, but yet you don't want to sacrifice too much durability over pre-printed tags. So, while we have a full offering of pre-printed UID compliant nameplates and labels with some of the quickest lead times in the industry (see Next Day UID Program), we still recognize that certain applications call for a more on-demand type of product offering. This is why we combined our UID knowledge with our over 16 years of working with laser systems and on-demand customers and applications to develop our own on-demand benchtop laser system.

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