5 Benefits of Asset Tracking For Businesses

January 15, 2020
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Running a business involves splurging a large amount of money, so maybe asset tracking solutions are the furthest thing from your mind. But just take a quick moment to think about this: Are you actually aware of every asset you own? Do you know exactly where the assets are located?  If not, your business could benefit from asset tracking.

Why Asset Tracking is Important

Assets are the backbone of your business. And asset tracking is a must for your company’s growth and profitability. So if your enterprise is not investing in this aspect, there are high chances that you are wasting time and money. 

There are many situations when asset tracking can come in quite handy, for example when one of your employees places a valuable asset in an unintuitive location, later on making it quite tough to find. Things like this can happen, therefore asset tracking is a great organizational method that will help control the company’s operations more efficiently. 

Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of asset tracking for any business, that simply cannot be overlooked:

1. Asset tracking Eliminates Unnecessary Costs

Asset tracking helps you get rid of the need for employees to track down assets manually, so with appropriate asset management, the administrative costs of your business will be lowered. Pretty helpful, right? Not to mention that manually tracking only results in more human errors, which means asset loss. And nobody wants that. You can also reduce administrative time and focus on more income-producing duties.

Besides administrative costs, repair and maintenance costs can be avoided, too. It is essential to track the life cycle of your assets because when you have various information about a thing, like when it was purchased, how regularly it is used and maintained, you have the possibility to plan successfully for its replacement. Having an overlook of the item will help you obtain a precise evaluation regarding future asset purchases.

2.  Prevents Loss of Assets

In the process of conducting day-to-day business operations, sometimes employees end up misplacing important assets. When things get too busy, it often happens that they don’t pay attention to such details. 

Equipment, laptops and other items that are moved many times from one place to another may not always be correctly registered, as a result, it takes too much time to locate them. And that means you may end up buying the same item again, so you have an extra expense that could be avoided. Moreover, asset losses are not something you want for your company. 

When asset tracking tags are attached to items, as a business owner you can keep a closer eye on every asset of your business. Take a quick look at Metalcraft's barcode tags and labels, so you wouldn't have to worry about losing or not finding your assets again. 

3. Improves Efficiency, Productivity, and Accuracy using Asset Tracking

Asset tracking solutions and asset management provide useful data and insight into the performance of your company’s office, storage or whatever space it has. This is beneficial for your business because you can build a better structure for its physical spaces and you can identify new, more efficient ways to use the assets. So it is quite obvious that you will save some money in the long run. And who doesn't want that?

Asset tracking also will help you anticipate your business' asset needs (for example maintenance). In addition to increasing efficiency and organization, asset tracking will improve accuracy and productivity too. You’ll understand exactly where the assets are located and how they are being used. No more guessing and assumptions, you’ll have all the facts you need to make the best business decisions at your fingertips. 

Imagine all the time Metalcraft's tags and labels save from not searching misplaced assets, waiting for maintenance or manually tracking assets. You can spend this valuable time to do more important work for the company. Time really is money. (See how much time and money you could be saving with our Asset Tracking ROI Calculator.)

4. Enhances the customer experience and service

Good customer service equals happy clients. Customers expect a worthy return on investment when they choose your business. Whenever you improve something for your business, whether it's a well-done inventory or flawless operations, the result is greater customer satisfaction.

Locating assets easily and quickly is crucial for the capability of your business to be responsive to customers, so with improved asset tracking comes exceptional service. You have great control over your assets, you know who uses them and for what purpose. The best part? Your resources are not wasted.

If you’ll give the customers a great service, you will receive recommendations from satisfied customers, which means more earnings for your business. Better customer service will also provide strong word-of-mouth marketing and will retain your current customers. 

5. Ensures peace of mind with Asset Tracking

Finally, using asset tracking solutions gives you peace of mind. Now that's something we should all aim for. In today's business world where everything moves at an extremely fast pace and there is a lot of stress, our peace of mind is like a breath of fresh air. It's a great feeling to know that your business has achieved maximum accuracy and efficiency. This may be one of the most desirable benefits of asset tracking.

By using asset tracking tags for your physical assets you will notice an improvement in the way your business is run. More than this, you can trust that your clients will not give up on you because they get what they want: a positive return on investment.

So, if companies want to use their assets at full capacity and in an efficient manner, they must be willing to invest in asset tracking. And by doing this, as a business owner, you are making a pretty big step in optimizing workflows, improving inventory control and boosting the overall performance.

Various asset tagging and bar code solutions are the basis of efficacious asset tracking. Even though it has many great benefits, it’s surprisingly easy to adopt and implement. 

To learn more about the benefits of asset tracking, contact us today at [email protected].

Tyler Johnson 

About the Author: Tyler Johnson

Tyler has extensive experience and expertise in the identification industry. Prior to Grey Trunk RFID, he worked at Metalcraft which helped him understand the importance of a high quality identification tag. Now he is leading the team at Grey Trunk RFID to offer the complete solution. 


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