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What are some advantages of RFID?

  • Time Savings - One of the biggest operational benefits of RFID technology is the ability to read multiple tags at once, with option to instantly detect assets upon arrival. Rather than having to scan each barcode individually, taking the time to line the label up with the scanner, RFID works on proximity, allowing you to read a case lot of containers or pallets in a fraction of the time.
  • Reduced Human Error and Low Labor Requirements - with the automatic nature of RFID systems, human error is almost

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    RFID systems provide many advantages to customers.

     entirely eliminated. So long as the tags are within range of the reader, and there is no outside interference from the environment, RFID technology reliably tracks your assets every time.

    RFID-enabled asset management also requires far fewer labor than manual or barcode-only checks. Especially with higher-end RFID tags and fixed readers, RFID asset management is the closest thing to a fully automated tracking solution.

  • Easy Integration and Updates - RFID can work with many existing systems, allowing you to easily integrate RFID systems into your supply chain. You can also choose to adopt RFID technology at certain locations to begin with, then add on additional locations at your own pace.
  • Durability - depending on the construction of the tags, RFID tags can be extremely durable and can withstand exposure to sun, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of applications, such as asset tracking, livestock management, and many others.
  • Higher Security - RFID technology offers a higher level of security than barcodes, which helps prevent the spread of sensitive information.Higher Security For example, RFID tags are more difficult to counterfeit than barcodes. This makes them a more secure option for tracking items and protecting against fraud. RFID tags can also be read from farther away than barcodes, making them more efficient for tracking large quantities of items. Overall, RFID provides a higher level of security and efficiency than barcodes, making RFID a better choice of businesses and organizations that need to protect their sensitive information.
  • Higher ROI - for many applications and use cases, RFID implementation can lead to a significant ROI when properly specified according to the requirements of your application. Environmental constraints, asset compositions and read range limitations/requirements can all impact how effective and cost-efficient and RFID system is for your application. While RFID is considered the latest and greatest evolution in asset management, it may not be right for every application, especially if you're expecting a certain ROI in a specific time window.

    To learn more about what our RFID products can do for your business, please contact us at [email protected].

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Aaron Hobert - RFID Technical Specialist   

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Aaron Hobert is our RFID Technical Specialist. Hobert joined Metalcraft in September of 1994 as a Litho Press Operator, became the Autograph Team Lead in 1998 and in April 2005 he became the RFID Sales Support Rep. He was named our RFID Technical Specialist in 2008. Aaron lives outside Charles City with his wife Diane.

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