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November 19, 2019
5-point promise

Popular throughout the second half of the twentieth century for both machine tools and architecture, anodized metal can also be used to transpose photographs onto its surface. For over 50 years, the technique has been one of the principal methods by which labels and barcodes are exported onto metal surfaces. Unlike laser engraving, which many mistakenly believe to be a more indelible technique, photo anodizing never breaks up the metal’s outward layer; instead, photo negatives are printed on polyester film and then exposed onto the photosensitive metal. As a result, the labels produced by photo anodizing last much longer and are much more durable than other mainstream treatments. In addition, these imprints onto metal can furthermore undergo an intensification process where a second coating gets added. The developed image is now doubly sealed beneath successive anodized layers.

At Metalcraft, we make extensive use of photo anodizing in our asset ID tagging, labeling, and barcoding processes. Such is our confidence about the benefits of photo anodizing that we recently developed a concise set of rules by which we guarantee our photo anodizing’s effectiveness; a Metalcraft “five-point promise to our clients that outlines our commitment to durability and swiftness of service.

1. Superior Durability: we guarantee that our nameplates and foil labels will endure under the harshest conditions, both in terms of weather and general wear-and-tear.

2. Next Day Program: if you order from one of seven of our most popular sizes of photo anodized plates, your order will be sent the following day at no extra cost.

3. Easy Replacements: for one low flat fee, you’ll be able to receive replacement nameplates and foil labels as needed.

4. Number History: Metalcraft offers instant number recall to pick up where your last order left off. That way, you won’t be tasked with having to remember the last exact number by which your nameplates were labeled.

5. The Metalcraft Guarantee: if you opt for the Intensified version of our photo anodized products, your barcode’s functionality will be guaranteed for the lifetime of the asset. 

Few companies would stake their reputation and future business on their ability to meet these five promises—especially the lifetime guarantee. But craftsmanship is important to us here in Mason City, as is honesty. Our word is as good as our proficiency in anodizing it.

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