Asset Tracking in Education

March 29, 2023
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Within the education industry, it's of the utmost importance for schools and colleges to keep track of their equipment. Budgets are tight, and losing track of a laptop or projector is the last thing that a school wants to do. Using our extensive knowledge of the RFID and barcode industry, we've created a sourcebook - Education Industry Sourcebook - that showcases the benefits of using these technologies within your organization. Download your copy today!

Using Metalcraft's Product Identification Solutions in EducationPractical Applications of RFID and Barcode in Education

There are several benefits to using modern asset tracking systems within a school.

The use of barcode and RFID within the education industry can help to: 

  • Scan several assets at once
  • Simplify record-keeping
  • Maintain an accurate inventory
  • Generate asset reports and analyze their data

Educational Institutions that Benefit from Asset Tracking

From grade school to universities, several institutions can benefit from the use of asset tracking tags and software. With the widespread use of technologies in schools, educators have to find solutions that work with a wide variety of assets. Tags can help schools to track data that's used to make important decisions.Education Institutions that Benefit from Asset Tracking

Industry Partners Allow for Supercharged Asset Tracking

Tracking assets is one of several steps that an organization should take. By working with Grey Trunk RFID, Metalcraft can provide "the complete solution" to asset tracking. Managing inventory used to be a manual process, but the power of RFID allows it to be completed in seconds. Grey Trunk RFID can provide weekly or monthly reports on inventory while handling up to 10,000 assets.

Practical Applications of RFID and Barcode

Discover how schools and universities alike used our wide variety of products to take their asset tracking to the next level in these case studies. From barcodes and RFID to the use of Grey Trunk RFID's asset tracking software, there are many opportunities for customized and efficient solutions.

For more information or to start on your education application today, please download our sourcebook - Education Industry Sourcebook - or contact us at 800-437-5283 or [email protected].

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Julia Deets, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience 

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