Asset Tracking Solutions That Are a Good Fit For Mid-Size Organizations

November 13, 2019
Asset Tracking Solutions That Are a Good Fit For Mid-Size Organizations

So you have installed asset tracking and inventory software.

You know where your assets are and you have an analysis of your financial status.

Everything is good until it isn’t. Your business is expanding and your software can't handle the complexity or offer the features you need to grow.

Or,  in order to verify client responsibility to insurers, you need optical signatures for compliance.

Your software doesn’t enable such capture. Or . . .?  What do you do short of replacing or tampering with your existing software system?

You go to a software developer who will give more context to your original system by creating a customized software app, providing you the asset tracking solution you need. 

But that could be costly and time-consuming.  Luckily, two of the software companies below have designed software that lets enterprises create apps that will expand the capabilities of existing software without formal developer experience.

Finding the Best Integration Fit

In part 1 of this series, we looked at a few different asset management platforms that are great for small business and organizations. In Part 2 of this multi-part series, we take a look at three distinct software solutions that are not only reliable and innovative in the field of asset tracking but are ideal for mid-size enterprises needing some integration but not a total overhaul.

In Part 3 we will look at options for those organizations that need an integrator to come in and provide a complete solution and Part 4 we'll be looking at industry-specific solutions.  You can see a complete list of our RFID software integrator partners here.

Each provider below sells configurable bar code and RFID software to eliminate gaps in existing software systems and shorten any downtime experienced in app. development - especially eliminating the downtime that occurs when app development is sent to out-of-house developers.

Additionally, because the user manages input, costs are held down and, often, on the first deployment, the input is more successfully tailored to the task.  

However, some system upgrades cannot be made solely by placing more capability into an existing software system; upgrade software integrations that interface with other proprietary software often need professional expertise to partner and integrate.

The following providers are leaders in RFID asset tracking and inventory management software. 

Because of their ability to interface with already-owned software, the enterprises they serve have increased their financial leverage by integrating. Many of those enterprises have solid fiduciary reputations and immediate name recognition. 

All have software platforms that can be integrated into existing software systems and all also utilize Metalcraft RFID and barcode tags with their system.


BMI (BMI Systems Group)

For more than 30 years, BMI (BMI Systems Group) has provided mobile scanning technology that automates 1. receiving and/or 2. inventorying of fixed assets as a custom (bespoke) developer.

It is one of the few software suppliers that partner “front end” Automated Data Collection Systems(ADCS) and Automated Data Reconciliation Systems (ADRS ) with 15 popular ERP manufacturers.

Its CollectIT (ADCS) barcode scanning and printing system automates the receiving, issuing and counting of assets and, then, interfaces with Public Sector Inventory/Warehouse Modules.

Additionally, the Automated Data Management System (ADMS) manages assets/equipment tracking that is not currently in a customer’s FMS's fixed asset module.

BMI installs and services its software to meet the needs of the consumers in 48 states and identifies high-value fixed assets $500 to $1000 and upward. 

Vouching for Metalcraft's tag quality, Gary Briggs, BMI president and CIO, often chooses Universal RFID tags from the large variety of tags offered by Metalcraft, “Because they are superior to other vendors’ [offerings].” 

Technology: RFID or Barcode



For end-user RFID asset tracking both in inventory and in the field of operation, inLogic launched its RFTrack mobile tracking system in 2006.

This out-of-the-box (COTS) software allows enterprises to immediately start integrating new modules into their existing systems by interfacing with and complementing existing asset management, fixed and financial assets, ERP, and other systems.

It supports bar code, passive RFID, and active RFID technology.

On average, the software tracks enterprises with approximately 10,000 assets, but its RFID asset tracking can cover a range of a few thousand to tens of thousands of assets.

Serving North America, inLogic commonly provides higher education and federal, state and local governments with software, but is also used by the DOD, research labs and more.

inLogic is in tune with its clients: for more than a decade, RFTrack has updated its software incorporating the input and feedback given by end-users.

Likewise, it offers on-premise or on-demand implementation.

Testifying for brand loyalty, Scott Porter, Chief Product Officer at inLogic concurs. “When implementing a new system, we help our customers evaluate and test a variety of tags from different vendors on their assets to ensure that the optimal tags are being deployed.  Customers are overwhelmingly choosing Metalcraft tags because of the quality, performance, and value that the tags provide. Ultimately this ensures that our software performs well because customers won’t have issues with tags not scanning.”

Technology: RFID or Bar code


PTS (Portable Tech Solutions) 

Portable Tech Solutions’ TracerPlus delivers configurable, mobile data collection software, barcode systems and RFID software configurable software through computer desktop applications and differing from COTS and custom (bespoke) software delivery.

TracerPlus requires no programming experience and offers a free online trial to prospective buyers for testing the build experience.

It deploys to iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile/CE devices.

Organizations that utilize PTS solutions add tremendous efficiencies to their IT staff by shortening application development cycle time and decreasing costs. 

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Calverton, NY, Portable Technology Solutions maintains an active presence in the U.S. and Europe.

It partners with hardware manufacturers, worldwide distributors and OEM solution providers.

Carrying on its reputation for quality, PTS offers MetalCraft Universal Mini UHF RFID Asset Tags for use in small, constricted areas. 

Technology: RFID or Barcode


To learn more about our asset tracking solutions, contact us at [email protected].

Stay tuned for our next partner profile in the coming weeks.

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