Asset Tracking Solutions That Make Sense For Small Organizations

November 13, 2019
Scan with Grey Trunk - Asset Tracking

By integrating software, the cloud, bar codes, RFID, scanners, printers, and mobile devices, asset tracking gives enterprise management data that wasn’t easily retrievable a decade ago.  Now, readily retrievable asset data in the hands of wise management integration is a way to gain financial stability and growth through asset tracking that is better than ever before.  So, what asset tracking solutions should you be looking at for comprehensive data management and a financial edge?

Grey Trunk Has Flexible Asset Tracking Solutions For RFID & Barcode

Grey Trunk is an incredibly user-friendly, cloud-based asset tracking system that is viable for both small and medium-sized enterprises wanting to use barcode or RFID technology. The software stores information in the cloud for any time, anywhere secure retrieval.

Conceivably, in 20 minutes you could decide that better asset management was needed in your enterprise, sign in to Grey Trunk’s user-friendly platform and be tracking assets within the hour. If you’re a beginning user, you can download either the Android and iOS apps or use any browser to interface with Grey Trunk’s out-of-the-box tracking platform. If you’re a more established user, however, you might create a customized platform to meet additional enterprise needs since the Grey Trunk platform and dashboard are completely flexible. Therefore, utilizing data gathered from either RFID or barcode technologies and the cloud, you can, on the fly or otherwise, easily create, organize and safely store unlimited information vital to good management.  Maintenance alerts, notifications of asset status changes, check-in/check-out monitoring and more can be automated for all assets from the platform.

In addition, you can easily add unlimited users to the software with certain permission levels to help manage and administer assets. Additionally, Grey Trunk RFID allows unlimited document storage and supports multiple file types. You will enjoy the ease with which reports on inventories, asset history and depreciation can be generated and accessed with this flexible, robust, USA based, asset management software.

Technology: RFID or Bar code



Tyler Johnson - Asset Tracking

About the Author: Tyler Johnson

Tyler has extensive experience and expertise in the identification industry. Prior to Grey Trunk RFID, he worked at Metalcraft which helped him understand the importance of a high quality identification tag. Now he is leading the team at Grey Trunk RFID to offer the complete solution. 


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