Best Asset Tags For Plastic Containers & Pallets [RFID & Non-RFID]

April 9, 2021
flex hard tag

Returnable asset tracking including containers, pallets, totes and other mobile assets are vital to a company's supply chain and delivery fulfillment processes. Traditionally plastic containers, returnable pallets and other mobile container items are well known for being lost, damaged and generally hard to manage because of their portability, environment and heavy usage.  

The mismanagement of returnable containers, pallets, totes, tanks and reusable assets can have dramatic effects on business process including time, labor and costs associated with shipping and receiving.

The inability to track these assets can cause many issues for companies. These include an investment in additional assets, equipment, and the extra expense for employees to conduct searches, find workarounds for operational bottlenecks and perform manual counts.

Returnable Asset Tracking Tag Solutions

Watch the video to see how Metalcraft makes tracking and managing these items easier through its durable metal, polymer and RFID products.



Making sure these assets are tracked and inventoried properly makes sure shipments and goods arrive on schedule in the intended condition. It also means a higher ROI by lessening the replacement cycle of these containers due to loss and through verifying containers and pallets that need to be upgraded or swapped out of the system rotation. 

Implementing a standard barcode or RFID tracking system using Metalcraft tags and labels will eliminate human error and provide the visibility needed to adequately manage these returnable assets without large investments of time.


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