From Foil To Embossed - 10 Custom Metal Tags For Different ID Applications

Options for metal asset tags

It’s no longer a secret that every business needs to keep track of its assets to improve productivity. Asset tracking and our custom metal tags play a central role in keeping any company running smoothly. 

So, asset tracking = productivity 💹 = happy clients 😍 = growth & profitability. 💰  

At Metalcraft we provide top-quality metal tags for many industries, therefore, no matter what your application, we have the right one for you.

Our custom metal tags are made from durable anodized aluminum or stainless steel. There’s no way we can’t find something suitable for your business with so many options for identification coding, symbology, attachment, shape, size, color, as well as copy font. That being said, let's dive right into the list of different metal asset tags that you can use for your business:

1. Metal Barcode Tags (Custom Metal Tags)

Our Photo Anodized Metal Asset Tags are a perfect mix of reliability and durability. They are one of the most popular products and they come with many options regarding the adhesive preferences, the thickness of the material and size selection.

Metal barcode tags are ideal for anyone looking for heat-resistant nameplates to stand up in rough environments. Metal barcode tags can be used for a wide variety of applications including computers, hospital equipment, returnable containers and warehouses.

2. Foil Asset Tags

If we were to think of a word that best describes the foil asset tags, it would be versatility. These are definitely the favorites of customers who want a flexible product to handle most surfaces, yet durable enough to endure harsh conditions (chemicals, solvents, extremely high temperatures  -  you name it).

Foil asset tags are available with or without a bar code, and they also can be used successfully in the office of a manufacturing company or right on the production floor. We truly mean it when we said they are versatile.

3. Metal Nameplates

On this product, you can actually leave your mark and put your name on it. So prepare your awesome logo or trademark and we will take care of the rest. The aluminum nameplates are really flexible in design and there are more than 700 sizes available. 

These nameplates feature UV curable inks and UV clear coat that give protection against harmful UV rays. They are especially suitable for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

4. Embossed Nameplates

The strong point of these nameplates is the amazing design features that will make your logo outstanding. The embossed nameplates are a blend of durability and flexibility and they also come with different custom options. 

This type of tag requires special tooling, so as a result, you will get a unique design raised on the aluminum. Well, it’s quite clear that you don’t have to worry about the way your logo will look on the product. 

5. Paint Resistant Tags 

This is the ideal nameplate if you’re looking for a product that can resist multiple paint applications, high temperatures, and even graffiti. That’s pretty cool. So basically it’s a very tough tag, easy-to-scan, and great for work-in-process.

The paint resistant tags come with an adhesive that bonds perfectly to plastic, powder-coated metal surfaces, as well as bare metal surfaces. These tags show that asset tracking is possible even when your business is in the construction/development phase, to make sure from the beginning that no asset is overlooked.

paint resistant asset labels

6. Stainless Steel Tags

These nameplates are really durable and they also provide easy readability. Stainless steel tags are amazing for identifying assets in harsh situations. They are etched and color-filled, offering a professional-looking tag.

7. High-Temperature Metal Tags

This type of metal asset tags is really impressive because of its high resistance. If you’re wondering how much heat can it take, it’s up to 1200°F. The high-temperature metal tags are a great alternative to other high-temperature materials like stainless steel and ceramic, which are more pricey. 

high-temperature barcode asset tags - custom metal tags

8. Metal UID Tags

Unique Item Identification (UID) is a mandate that needs a Unique Item Identifier to be able to track assets during their whole lifecycle. So there might be some challenges when it comes to durability in rough environments, but this is where our UID photosensitive anodized aluminum nameplates and labels step in. 

This product is so strong that it can resist and provide precise reads for many years. It also got a higher score than any other UID tag material tested by the U.S. Navy.

9. Teflon Coated Plates

Teflon coating makes dirt, grease, and even dried paint easy to remove. It also offers protection against long-term exposure to extreme temperatures and UV rays. Not to mention that these plates can withstand contact with acids or caustics. The Teflon coating mixed with the anodized aluminum results in one of our most durable products.

asset tracking with Teflon coated plates - custom metal tags

10. Round Foil Tags

The Foil 2D Dot Bar Code Label is suitable for small parts tracking. The DataMatrix bar code symbology uses only one-tenth of the space of traditional bar codes. These tags are truly efficient and they can resist abrasion, UV rays, solvents, sun, high temperatures, and much more. Therefore, because of the high redundancy of these metal tags, the bar code is still easily readable even if 60% of the image is damaged.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to get the right tag or label for your business and start enjoying the benefits of asset tracking.

To learn more about our metal tags, contact us today at [email protected].

Marianne Alvarado   

About the Author: Marianne Alvarado

Marianne Alvarado is our Vice President of Sales. Alvarado joined Metalcraft in March of 2000 as a Territory Specialist, became Sales Manager in January 2022 and was named Vice President of Sales during August of 2023. She leads both the Outside and Inside Sales teams. Marianne lives in Davenport with her husband, Dave Beeman. 

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