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Metalcraft Announces DuraDestruct RFID Tags For Security Applications

September 21, 2020
DuraDestruct Tamper Evident RFID Tag

Metalcraft introduced tamper proof DuraDestruct RFID tags for applications needing long read range with durable, secure identity. The tags strengthen RFID access control, supply chain, asset tracking and authentication with the assurance that tags cannot be transferred. Samples are available via idplate.com today.

DuraDestruct RFID security tags feature a patent pending construction, rendering the label useless upon tampering or removal. The specialized construction eliminates transferability of the RFID tag and incorporates two levels of destructibility. If someone attempts to remove the tag, the RFID antenna construction breaks into separate pieces, making the read range of the tag mere inches. If a person tries to reassemble the tag to make it functional, the portion that is still adhered will literally disintegrate if an attempt is made to remove it from the object.

“Metalcraft’s DuraDestruct RFID tags offer peace of mind to access control, supply chain and asset tracking leaders, because these security tags are durable and can’t be transferred,” said Kyle Bermel, Metalcraft Chief Operating Officer. “DuraDestruct provides an additional level of security for RFID anti-theft and RFID protection systems – tracking and authenticating high-value assets. We know these work great on windshield glass for gated communities and vehicle tracking, as well as tracking bins, totes and other returnable containers.”

Metalcraft’s tag supports vehicle identification, access control, supply chain, asset tracking and authentication and other applications requiring secure identification. Custom printing and custom numbering are available at no additional cost.

Since 1950, Metalcraft has provided property identification solutions from a headquarters in Mason City, Iowa. Metalcraft designs, engineers and manufactures custom RFID and barcode tags and labels for almost any tagging need, especially asset tracking, access control and OEM applications. Metalcraft also provides a wide range of services including RFID prototyping and pilot projects. Visit www.idplate.com for details.

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