RFID in Access Control

October 7, 2022
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Nearly two decades ago RFID led us to more access control applications. Now, after producing literally millions and millions of access control RFID tags, we have put together a new resource - RFID for Access Control Sourcebook: Application Trends and Case Studies - to share our insights and experiences. Download your copy today!

How can you use RFID in access control?

An RFID access control system uses radio frequency technology to verify the user's credentials and allow access in/out of a specific location.

Using RFID for access control can help:lots of cars

  • Increase security
  • Protect assets
  • Save time
  • Capture critical, real-time data
  • Inform future planning
  • Manage the flow of material, staff or visitors
  • Spare the cost of unnecessary infrastructure

How can you use RFID for access control with loyalty programs?

Companies that offer loyalty programs to customers like car washes can use RFID technology to check in customers and keep track of their purchases. They program unique serial numbers to the RFID tag, then associate the number to a specific car securing information about the vehicle and its owner in the car wash's database. These programs then use the technology to bill customers automatically on a monthly cycle.

How can you use RFID for access control with tollway and/or parking applications?

RFID technology is ideal for tolling for numerous reasons, including read range, low tag cost and secure tag encryption. For tollway applications, RFID technology reads account data associated with specific toll passes, enabling drivers to pay weekly, monthly or annually for toll road usage instead of paying per use.tollway

RFID technology allows parking management companies to reduce labor costs while increasing parking revenue while making data-driven decisions. Most RFID parking management applications use a UHF system with a reader set at the entrance to the lot and a windshield tag or rearview mirror tag on the vehicle window that triggers a gate or door when it comes to the range of the reader.

How can you use RFID for access control for tracking attendance at trade shows?

Instead of manually counting attendees and reconciling the data at the end of each day to provide to exhibitors, RFID can automate some or all of the process.

For more information or to start on your access control application today download our NEW sourcebook - RFID for Access Control Sourcebook: Application Trends and Case Studies or contact us at 800-437-5283 or metalcraft@idplate.com


Colynn Black, Metalcraft's RFID Business Development Director spacer

About the Author: Colynn Black
Colynn is Metalcraft's RFID Business Development Director. He started his Metalcraft journey as an RFID Technician, moving onto being an RFID Lead/Technician, an RFID Engineer and then his current role. He enjoys being able to utilize his technical skills and experiences to aid Metalcraft in acquiring new partnerships and customers. He's married to his wife, Allie and he has two children named Cruze and Ella. He enjoys being outside, working with his hands to build things, working on his car/boat, golfing, ice fishing, reading and wrestling with his son. 

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