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Top Questions About RFID

Beyond RFID Tags: Top Questions About RFID Technology

We answer your top questions about RFID technology, including its definition, inventory management and cost.
RFID Dry Inlays vs. Wet Inlays: Choosing the Right Tag for Your Application

RFID Dry Inlays vs. Wet Inlays: Choosing the Right Tag for Your Application

RFID inlays come in various types, and this article breaks down how wet and dry inlays are designed for different applications.
Demystify the RFID Inlay Manufacturing Process: From Concept to Card

Demystifying the RFID Inlay Manufacturing Process: From Concept to Card

Want to know how an RFID inlay is created? This article breaks down the process from designing to the finished product.
2023 Best of Ames Award for Inlay Innovation

Inlay Innovation Receives 2023 Best of Ames Award

Ames Award Program Honors the Achievement
Inlay Innovation

Made to Order - Custom RFID Inlays from Inlay Innovation

Did you know that Metalcraft's newest brand, Inlay Innovation, designs, develops and manufactures custom RFID inlays?
metalcraft receives aim award

AIM North America Acknowledges the Winners of Annual Industry Awards

Metalcraft has won the Organization of the Year Award (AIM Award) from AIM North America for their achievements with Inlay Innovation.
inlay innovation logo

Inlay Innovation Celebrates First Anniversary

We mark the first anniversary of Inlay Innovation by sitting down with Metalcraft President Kyle Bermel to discuss the achievements and what's next for Metalcraft's latest division.
Inlay Innovation Logo

Metalcraft launches Inlay Innovation for RFID inlay design, fabrication

Wholly owned subsidiary will meet growing demand for a custom RFID inlay.
Custom RFID Inlays

RFID Inlays Have Many Components

Learn more about each stage of development as the experts at Metalcraft tackle those building blocks in this article on RFID inlays and their components. 
RFID Converting Equipment

RFID and the Importance of a Solid Converting Partner

Now with the ability to design, develop and manufacture custom inlays, Metalcraft truly is the one-stop-shop for high quality, durable, customizable RFID tags and labels. 
RFID Inlays

Discover the three key pieces of RFID tag development: the antenna, chip and environment

There are three key pieces of developing an RFID tag, and they all must work seamlessly together to achieve the desired performance your application—the antenna, chip and environment.
Custom rfid inlay

Custom RFID Inlay Development for Proof-of-Concept (POC)

Learn how having an RFID partner skilled in custom RFID inlay design, development and manufacturing can make the process smooth for all parties involved.