Case Study: H2O Concepts improves customer experience with long-lasting metal plates


H2O Concepts focuses on providing residential and business owners with top-of-the-line water conditioning and treatment systems.

The company turned to Metalcraft to identify a solution for tagging their water treatment systems.

The Challenge

With the most certified green system on the market and a 10-year warranty to back it up, H2O Concepts needs all aspects of their product to be durable.

All of their water treatment systems include an identification plate on the outside of the plastic cover housing the systems’ electronics, which oftentimes is housed outside.

While the plates they were using were easy to apply, they faded quickly – in about 6 months – and were expensive.

H2O couldn’t just replace the faded plate - removing it would break the plastic housing.

Consequently, customers were stuck with faded plates.

“You couldn’t read (the plates) so they had a very short life span,” said Sherri Peak, H2O Concepts general manager. “That is not customer friendly and we offer a 10-year warranty so you want your product to hold up as best it can. There’s always going to be a little bit of problems but not to that point.”

The Solution

Metalcraft, experts in the identification plate industry, guided H2O Concepts through the process of testing and selecting the right product for their system.

Both metal and polyester tags were used, with Metalcraft's Photo Anodized metal plates being the ultimate choice because they were easier to apply.

The Result

Switching to Metalcraft Photo Anodized plates was a seamless process for H2O Concepts.

“The change happened within 3 weeks, which is not really heard of when you’re going from one company to another and it’s a label and everything else,” Peak said.

“It was a very quick process. (Metalcraft was ) very easy to work with. Timewise with delivery and everything. Really what else can we ask for.” Metalcraft delivered as promised – a durable plate that was easy to apply, would last in the Arizona sun and was affordable. “(We) got more than what we expected,” Peak said.

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