Diagnosis: Effective Asset Tracking


Metalcraft's Craftmark Barcode Labels help Monument Health track critical IT assets


As the primary hospital for the Rapid City, South Dakota, area Monument Health has seen substantial growth. They currently serve 12 communities across western South Dakota, have five hospitals and 38 medical clinics and specialty centers with over 5,000 physicians and caregivers. With all their locations and personnel, they need a robust asset tracking system to manage their IT equipment.

That’s where Metalcraft comes in. For more than 12 years Monument Health has entrusted Iowa-based manufacturer Metalcraft with their asset labeling needs. “Metalcraft has been our provider since we started asset tagging,” said Jonas Bulman, Desktop Technician and part of the IT Partner Services with Monument Health.


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Like many other health care facilities, Monument Health has a lot of IT assets in constant circulation with new ones coming in and older ones being retired after five years. Bulman estimates they bring in between 4,000 to 5,000 new IT assets a year and currently have 20,000 to 30,000 in circulation throughout the facilities.

With all the equipment coming and going, having an asset tracking management system is critical. Bulman and his team tag any equipment valued $100 and greater. Bulman reports they use the asset tag to check out equipment – logging who it is checked out to and on what date it was checked out.


After reviewing the potential options and thoroughly testing different samples, Bulman ultimately decided to use Metalcraft’s Craftmark Barcode Labels. These .003” thick polyester labels provide the additional durability needed in a healthcare facility while the .0035” thick multi-surface adhesive ensures maximum adhesion to a variety of different surfaces. As an added benefit, the digital printing showcases the Monument Health logo.

In addition to the product’s durability, it has been the little things Metalcraft does that have impressed Bulman. “I appreciate getting proofs with the product dimensions and our logo on them,” he said. “Tonya (Ristau) was very responsive with her follow up and took care of any tiny changes we had.”


Bulman reports positive feedback with his asset management project and hopes to continue increasing the project’s scope to include even more equipment. “Implementing this asset tracking program has helped create a footprint for everything and will definitely save us money down the road,” he said. “It allows us to keep track of the equipment and make sure we bill the right department.”

And how are the tags performing? “The tags themselves are standing up really well,” he said. “Eventually would like to be able to track all equipment from birth to end of life.”

Future plans for the system include being able to scan the tag for a service request. “We’re always looking to improve,” said Bulman. “This system is definitely more sustainable than doing it manually.”

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