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How barcode label asset tracking helped Wake County Public School District


Great partnerships stand the test of time and the decades-long partnership between Bar|Scan, Inc.® and Metalcraft has done exactly that. Bar|Scan, Inc.® is a full-service provider dedicated to delivering the best asset management software for over 32 years to customers in a cost-effective manner using the latest in asset tracking technologies. Metalcraft identification products complement the company’s software and hardware offerings allowing Bar|Scan, Inc.® President Andy Schiffer to provide a complete solution to his customers.


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Approximately two years ago, Bar|Scan, Inc.® responded to an RFQ from Wake County Public School District and recommended Metalcraft’s Stylemark label for the district’s asset management needs. Upon contacting them Schiffer presented three different Metalcraft label options – each with their own unique characteristics. Stylemark labels are made of thicker polycarbonate material making them extremely abrasion resistant – something that comes in handy at a school – and has a unique texture with a non-reflective finish.

Schiffer also presented Metalcraft’s Valumark labels as a thinner, more pliable option. Lastly, he offered Metalcraft’s Tamper Evident labels as a potential solution.


The district received the samples from Schiffer and after further testing they ultimately went with the Stylemark label for its superior durability and awarded Bar|Scan, Inc.® the contract for 100,000 Stylemark labels. Next up for Schiffer, he needed to ensure he would be able to meet the district’s lead time.

To meet the customer’s requirements, the team at Metalcraft worked with Schiffer on a compromise that involved splitting the investment on special tooling for the customer to improve efficiency which made it possible for them to meet the required shorter lead times – much to the customer’s delight. “It was a great collaboration to help the customer,” said Schiffer.


Since that first order Bar|Scan, Inc.® has supplied an additional 200,000 labels to Wake County Public School District. Schiffer appreciates Metalcraft’s willingness to listen and help when any challenges arise and continues to resell Metalcraft labels to many of his customers because of the quality of the Metalcraft product line.

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