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Intensified Metal Barcode Nameplates withstand the sun and the heat - guaranteed!


Florida-based Sprayer Depot is one of the largest suppliers of professional spray equipment, parts, and accessories in the United States with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Customers range from pressure washing companies and municipalities to the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.


Sprayer Depot
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In addition to selling the top brands of spray equipment, the team at Sprayer Depot is also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for spraying equipment. Drawing on their industry experience and expertise for custom solutions, they recently developed and launched their own line of hose reels. Once developed, Cory Smith, Operations Manager at Sprayer Depot, wanted to find tags to put model number and serial number information on the reels and other components to track information about them.


Sprayer equipment and components can be regularly subjected to some pretty rough conditions – heavy UV exposure in particular – from being repeatedly used and/or stored outdoors. With these types of potential obstacles, typical barcode labels just wouldn’t do.


After searching the Internet for a tag supplier, Smith came across Metalcraft. He worked with their internal sales team to determine which product would work best for the application. Smith knew he needed durable tags; however, price still played an important factor. “They (Metalcraft) made it an easy process to work with them,” he said. “Tonya (Ristau) was very responsive.”

Together with Metalcraft, Smith ultimately decided on intensified metal barcode tags because of their durability and ability to withstand outdoor exposure. Adding the intensification option to the metal barcode nameplates provides additional protection against harmful UV rays and makes the product eligible for the Metalcraft Guarantee which guarantees the barcode readability of the product for the lifetime of the asset it is applied to or Metalcraft will replace the tags free of charge.


Smith reports the tags are holding up very well. “So far all the feedback we have received has been positive,” he said. “We just had some equipment come in for service and the tags didn’t even look a year old.”

Knowing these tags are guaranteed provides peace of mind to Smith. “We’re putting something on their product that they know is durable and reliable,” he said. “It will last the lifetime of the product.”

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