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Parallel Productions uses Metalcraft tags to identify and track high-end equipment


Images tell stories and, as a photojournalist, that is what Parallel Productions founder/owner William Figg set out to do. As his career grew, Figg saw an opportunity to expand his business while still doing what he loves. He started Parallel Productions in 2015, offering high-end photographic and production equipment to others like himself in the industry as a way for them to get the top equipment without having to pay top dollar.

Parallel Productions
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According to Sonny Rey, Production Coordinator and Head of Rentals for Parallel Products, the company targets a specific niche audience. “We offer high-end photography and video production equipment – the best of the best.”


Because of sudden and rapid growth of the company Rey needed to find and implement an asset management system to help track the equipment in inventory and in the field. It must have been kismet because the ensuing Internet search turned up Metalcraft on the same day Rey received a Metalcraft recommendation from another rental house in the same industry.

Rey needed to identify all different kinds and sizes of equipment – from photography equipment like lights and cameras to items that make the set safer such as air filters, heaters, etc. He wanted to make sure the labels had their company logo and a barcode.

Inside Sales Representative Tonya Ristau reached out to Rey after receiving his completed online form to further qualify the application and recommend the appropriate product.

After answering questions pertaining to the environment to which the tag would be exposed Rey ultimately decided on one of Metalcraft’s top workhorse products – Premium Polyester Barcode Labels.


Metalcraft’s Premium Polyester Barcode Labels feature .002” polyester which easily conforms to curved or uneven surfaces and a .002” adhesive that adheres well to plastic and metal surfaces. Rey appreciated the durability of the labels considering they will need to withstand outdoor elements in all seasons. Rey also liked that they came a variety of different sizes and work well with different surface types.


So far, Rey reports the label have performed great, perhaps even too well for a specific instance. “The labels have great adhesion on a variety of different surfaces,” he said. “When I actually needed to get one of the labels of a piece of equipment, I had to use a knife.”

Rey also stressed the great communication and responsiveness he had with the Metalcraft Team. “We’re big on relationships with our customers and we wanted a partner that had the same values as we do,” he said. “This was our first shot, and we got a perfect product.”

For more information about using Metalcraft tags for your application, visit idplate.com or call 800-437-5283 or 641-423-9460.

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