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The next time you stop at a convenience store for a cool, refreshing drink, check to see if there is a Frazil machine and treat yourself to this tasty concoction. Frazil, aka "the greatest slush on Earth," is made by Salt Lake City, Utah-based Freezing Point.

Freezing Point's Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Lemmon, explains that the company's SAAS (Slushy As A Service) business model is an "easy button for slush" using patented technology with all the Frazil machines connected on a network. Freezing Point owns the machines they place in stores, allowing for stress-free management for their customers.

In the last five years, the number of Frazil machines in the market has grown by 8x, with machines in every state. With this type of growth, it's easy to see why Frazil, a brand of parent company Freezing Point, is the fastest growing beverage company in the United States.


When Lemmon and his team began operating the company in 2017, Metalcraft was already the label supplier of choice. The Mason City, Iowa-based manufacturer produced the original labels which were simply to identify machine property of Freezing Point. When Lemmon and his team took over, they changed both the look and function of the labels. They went with a larger blue label and decided to put one on both sides of the machine.

The new labels identified the equipment as property of Freezing Point, but also displayed a QR code which leads service providers to a landing page where they can do a number of different things. First, they can access videos and other training manuals. Second, they can open a service ticket. Finally, they can chat with a customer service representative. Lemmon reports that the changes were well-received.

"It's a critical step in improving the customer experience," he said. "We can leverage resources better by solving problems the first time because they know more information about the problems going into it."


Lemmon worked with Senior Inside Sales Representative Tonya Ristau to determine which Metalcraft product to use for their application - taking into account any environmental conditions the labels would need to withstand. Ultimately, they decided to go with Metalcraft's Stylemark Barcode labels for their appearance as well as their resistance to abrasion.


They system allows the Frazil team to work smarter and have better communication with their customers while using fewer resources.

"We want to do whatever we can to keep the machines running smoothly," said Lemmon. "We're always looking at what else we can do to create a better customer experience."

Lemmon reports no issues with barcode labels and plans to increase its functionality. "We're looking to push out even more content via the landing page linked to the QR code on the Metalcraft label," said Lemmon.

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