Strengthening the Bond



It’s no secret today’s work environment comes with some unique challenges, with some departments feeling the supply chain crunch more than others. UnderCover, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket pickup truck bed covers, is no exception. The Rogersville, Missouri-based subsidiary of Truck Hero Inc. has been producing their revolutionary brand of truck bed covers for nearly 20 years.

Opportunity/ Challenge

As the company continued to grow, they realized the importance of tracking information about the product both during and after the manufacturing process. They needed a tag with a unique serial number to track every truck bed cover they produce, linking to information including when the item was made, warranty information as well as other pertinent customer service information.

UnderCover Senior Buyer Chad Monteith was tasked with finding this solution and turned to Metalcraft, an Iowa-based manufacturer of durable identification products. When Monteith started at UnderCover in 2017 Metalcraft was already an established vendor and he has been working with them ever since.


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Truck bed covers can face some nasty conditions including UV exposure, extreme temperature changes and even road salt; so, it makes sense when Undercover went looking for an identification product, they would need something that would survive those conditions as well.

Undercover’s team selected Metalcraft’s Photo Anodized Metal Barcode Nameplates because of their reputation for durability and reliability even under harsh conditions. “The serial tags are excellent quality which is very important for full traceability,” said Monteith. “They need to be road-worthy – withstanding everything outdoors.”


Monteith states the things he appreciates most about Metalcraft are the product quality and responsive service he receives. “The serial tags perform exceptionally,” he said. “Also, I’ve worked with Marianne (Alvarado) since I started and she is always very responsive.”

Working in procurement can be stressful regardless of any extraordinary circumstances or events. That’s why it’s nice having a trusted partner you can count on to make sure you have the necessary supplies to get your own products out the door. Metalcraft gives Monteith that peace of mind.

“In today’s environment with COVID and natural disasters that have slowed the supply chain for many of our suppliers it is very much appreciated there has been no drop in quality from a product or a service standpoint from Metalcraft,” he said. “Issues like that have made my job infinitely more complicated – Metalcraft helps alleviate some of that by continuing to perform at or above expectations.”


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