Sustaining Ski Resorts with Efficient Snowmaking


QR code tag protects patents, improves service

The Challenge

Ski resorts have long relied on snowmaking to improve the reliability of their snow cover and extend their ski seasons. But North American resorts today face challenging snowmaking conditions – limited resources, unpredictable weather and shortening windows of opportunity to make snow. Utah-based Snow Logic was founded to address these challenges with a focus on low-energy snowmaking. Their patented Dual Vector Nozzle Technology delivers the lowest cost per acre-foot of snow on the market. And they back their made-in-the-USA technology with field service, sending staff to resorts to optimize performance. "We're committed to ensuring the installation and operation of Snow Logic equipment is easy," said marketing manager Nicole Dodson. "As a new company enjoying exponential growth, we are challenged to track our snowmaking guns across resorts, delivering quick turnaround on servicing, spare parts and field assistance." And Snow Logic needs to protect the four patents covering their technology, too.

The Solution

Each Snow Logic snowmaking gun has a Metalcraft photo anodized metal nameplate attached as OEM product identification with the company's patent numbers and a QR Code. The nameplates are attached with an adhesive that stays fast on cold, wet metal, and the label surface withstands the intense UV and snow conditions. "We needed ID that would work in the snow," said Dodson. "Metalcraft has a high quality product." Scanning the QR code links to for product information.

The Result

The nameplate is just the first step for Dodson. Snow Logic is building an asset management platform tied to QR codes, aiming to track their products – 500 to 1,000 guns used at any one resort – as part of their service delivery. When each snowmaking gun is uniquely scannable, customers can quickly access warranties, maintenance and other information. Geo-location and other data will be collected to better understand the guns' performance, building on the feedback from customers and extensive testing in resorts across North America. The tracking also strengthens the possibility of leasing the low-energy snowmaking equipment. It all ties back to Snow Logic's work to make ski resorts more efficient, optimizing snowmaking with help from field staff and Metalcraft's durable nameplates.

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