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Team Industries is a family owned business that provides power-transmitting products to the recreational vehicle market. As a well-known industry expert, Team is heavily involved in research and development and holds multiple patents in the Continuously Variable Transmission arena.


TEAM Industries
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Metalcraft, a long-time label supplier for Team, provides barcode labels to use in their supply chain. The labels adhere to aluminum cases at the end of their assembly line and contain tracking information with pertinent information specific to the assembly – providing traceability throughout the product lifecycle and transparency with their customers.

Lee Aho, Commodity Manager with Team Industries, and his team trust the product from Metalcraft, and they have had very few quality and/or delivery issues over the many years of their relationship. In addition, if any issues did arise, Aho points out Metalcraft is a good partner to work with to not only devise a solution, but to uncover the root cause of the problem. “Metalcraft has been quick to work out any issues we have had, i.e. duplicate numbers,” he said. “Metalcraft was quick to identify the issue and work out a solution to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.”


Aho and his team know they can bring any challenge to the product engineers at Metalcraft. Case in point, one of the products Team produces has an oil bleed hole that would leak oil if tilted in a specific direction. This obviously presented a problem for handling the assembly and shipping it to the customer. Metalcraft worked with Team to create a transparent label that covered the hole, but had a colored portion on the end to verify that it was assembled onto the product and also to indicate that it needed to be removed once the customer received it at their location. This solution made it easier to handle and ship the assembly without spilling any oil.


Aho sees the partnership with Metalcraft continuing for many more years to come. “Customer service is always great. Delivery and quality are also great,” he said. “If an issue pops up customer support steps right up and takes care of it. Metalcraft makes managing the label commodity easy and enjoyable.”


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