TrackX, Metalcraft team up to provide solution for leading US insurance company

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TrackX is a leader in software as a service (SaaS) supply chain automation and business process optimization software leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Companies, like one leading National insurance company, turn to TrackX to streamline not only their audit and compliance but also their supply chain processes leveraging TrackX’s KeyChain software platform and RFID technology.


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For the customer, the TrackX KeyChain product along with passive RFID is the solution deployed. Both fixed and mobile RFID readers were deployed across many different sites all managed through the KeyChain infrastructure management module. Because of the size of the customer and the scope of the hardware installation, the implementation of the solution consisted of multiple phases – each of which presented deployment challenges with which to contend, according to Bryan Boutté, VP of Operations with TrackX. In Phase 1, the biggest challenge was the delivery of the solution to multiple sites simultaneously. This required coordination of all resources for SaaS, hardware and RFID tag deployment.

In Phase 2 of the implementation, TrackX will work closely with the customer and their information technology (IT) supplier’s fulfillment operations to apply the RFID tag to the IT equipment prior to shipping to the customer. The pre-tagged equipment combined with an advanced ship notification (ASN) enables the customer to leverage the automated receiving functionality within the KeyChain application. “The ability to send tags, on the customer’s behalf, to these suppliers at different schedules in a timely manner is a challenge,” said Boutté. This is where Metalcraft comes in.

Metalcraft has been a long-time partner of TrackX providing a variety of passive RFID tags supporting many different environments. “RFID tags and a reliable partner to provide those tags as part of the TrackX KeyChain solutions is critical. Metalcraft provides the passive on-metal RFID tags used by the customer,” said Boutté. “Metalcraft’s team of engineers works closely with the TrackX team to ensure the tags have the expected read-range, material, adhesive (or other method of securing the tag) and size as required by the customer.”

The TrackX team decided on Metalcraft’s Oversized Universal RFID Mini for this application because of its excellent read range on metal surfaces like IT equipment.


The end user reports the newly implemented solution has a positive impact on ROI, according to Boutté. Their IT manager reports seeing measurable improvements by simply automatically knowing where assets are. In addition, the ability to definitively prove the location and history of an IT asset, real-time audit association, reduction in labor costs for both inventory and audit processes as well as improvement in both asset procurement and utilization are specific results Boutté referenced.

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