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Customer Feedback Provides ID Solution Inspiration

November 19, 2019
Customer Feedback ID Solution Inspiration

At Metalcraft, our best new product ideas often come from our customers. That feedback can be provided to us in a number of different ways. It can be as simple as receiving survey feedback about a specific issue from various customers.

For example, a customer came to us with an issue they were having with removing the liner from their Metal Barcode Nameplates. From that feedback, our design engineers developed a breakaway tab to assist in nameplate liner removal. The design concept is simple, yet its impact on the removal and application process is huge. Not only does the breakaway tab speed up the liner removal process – reducing application time over 30% - it also promotes proper liner removal technique which involves only handling the nameplate by the edges to avoid touching and contaminating the exposed adhesive. Proper liner removal and nameplate application technique helps ensure maximum adhesive performance.

To use, the customer selects a nameplate to apply, then bends the ¼” tab back and forth until the tab breaks. This action will not tear the liner because the die used to produce this product is designed to only cut down to the liner – not through it.

From there the customer removes the liner using the tab, holding the nameplate by the edges, and applies the nameplate to the surface of the asset. And there you have it, an ingenious product alteration which saves customers both time and money, all because a customer provided feedback and we listened.

Product design based upon customer feedback may be a bit more involved with a specific customer and designing a product specifically for their environment and application, i.e., our Bar Code Cable Label and then being able to roll it out the general public. Other products we developed based up on customer feedback include our RFID Hang Tag, Polyester Container Bar Code Labels, Stainless Steel Bar Code Nameplates, “EZ Peel” Removable Bar Code Labels, Universal RFID Asset Tags, and many, many more.

In this respect, we haven't really strayed too far from our company's beginnings. Metalcraft was founded by providing an identification solution to the Bostitch Stapler company over 63 years ago, and we still employ those same innovative principles in everything we do.

The product that solved the identification problem for Bostitch Stapler went on to become the "AUTOGRAPH" Nameplate - a product we still provide to customers today. To the casual observer, we may appear to be simply a nameplate and label manufacturer; however, it goes far beyond that, and anyone who has worked with us knows that we take the time to thoroughly understand our customers' applications and objectives.

We are an identification solutions company; and, as the examples above illustrate, we've shown time and time again how we provide innovative identification solutions to our customers.

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