DASH 48 Hour Rush Label Program

Need a quick turnaround time for your labels?

Metalcraft’s DASH Program provides a flat-fee rush order service that offers a wide variety of polyester and polymer products to fill any application need.

Customize any label with a variety of options and sizes including styles, logos, colors or text.  Inclusion of any data, serialized information or bar codes is also included at no additional charge.  Once the order is placed, we will have your labels dashed into your hands within 48 hours, guaranteed*.

The DASH Program

The DASH program makes it possible for individuals and companies to meet tight deadlines without exhorbitant costs or huge rush order charges. The DASH acronym is the collection of four different words that highlight the core offerings of the DASH program: Data, Assortment, Style, & Hustle. 


No extra charge for inclusion of your serialized information or data


Choose for a wide variety of label types: ID Advantage, Premium Polyester, Stylemark or Craftmark product lines


Bar codes, logos, multi-color designs and human readable text are all welcome.  Feel free to customized your asset tags or labels how you like.


We will produce your labels and have it shipped to you within 48 hours of receiving the order.

If you need labels and need them fast, please contact us and be ret assured that the DASH 48 Hour Rush Label Program will deliver your order quickly and correctly. 

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*Some restrictions do apply, talk to a Metalcraft representative for full details.