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Durable Barcode Labels - What Does it Mean To You?

November 19, 2019
Durable asset labels on a barrel

Durable - it's a term that is thrown around pretty loosely in our industry, but can mean different things to different people. Does it mean it stands up to high temperatures, chemicals, or abrasion? What about all three? We completed three case studies on customers who use three different photo anodized products - Metal Barcode NameplatesTeflon Coated Metal Barcode Nameplates and Photo Anodized Nameplates - and discovered that durability can mean different things in different applications.

In the first example New York Air Brake relies on our Metal Barcode Nameplates to provide valuable information about the brake systems they install and repair; enduring harsh conditions that include high temperatures, outdoor exposure and abrasion.

In the second example Tufts University School of Dental Medicine uses our Teflon Coated Metal Barcode Nameplates to identify and track dental instruments exposed to autoclave sterilization several times a day - again durability meaning exposure to high temperatures and chemicals.

The third example involves our Photo Anodized Metal Nameplates used in a product identification application for SlideMoor. Durability in this case means exposure to outdoor elements including salt water spray. So, as you can see from these three examples durability can mean many different things to many different customers in many different industries.

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