Finding the Right RFID Converter

RFID Converter

An important issue for VARs and Integrators to consider when choosing the right RFID tag converter is that you need to understand your RFID label converter's expectations. In short, a quality RFID tag converter is going to expect collaboration to ensure good results for the end-users. In return, you can expect a lot of added value as your project is delivered. This is also your best line of defense between delivering a commodity versus delivering expert services you have come to rely upon. For many projects, ordering RFID tags is unlike picking products off a shelf; getting the labels you need is a process that requires information exchange.

A good RFID tag converter is going to start with a process for assessing your product needs. They'll require data from you on the label requirements of your project. Expect to be asked questions about critical issues such as operating environment, mounting surface, and read range. If you are not asked such questions, take that as a warning sign you may not be getting the backup you will need.

Often your needs will require customization of their label products - changing inlays, adding printed information, etc. Sometimes, your needs may require a completely custom solution. Custom RFID labels and tags can involve significant engineering - prototyping, testing, refining, etc. So, be prepared to invest the time and money required. While RFID tag converters continually develop new products that reduce the need for custom RFID labels, it's nice to know where to turn when those projects arise.

In summary, VARs/Integrators are well-served to find RFID tag converters now that can serve their needs in the future. Getting to know the capabilities and expectations of these important partners today, means you're in a stronger position to respond to the dynamic needs of your customers in the future.