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Free Educational Guide to RFID from Metalcraft

January 12, 2021
RFID handbook

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) in your asset tracking application may seem too overwhelming or complex to implement on your own initially. However, once broken down into some easier-to-understand concepts, RFID can be a very powerful, uncomplicated technology to use as the basis of your asset management system.

That’s why Metalcraft put together our new RFID Handbook, which includes the ins and outs of what is RFID and how it works, how RFID can benefit your business, future trends for RFID, the different ways RFID is used in various industries and much more. Download your copy today!

The RFID Handbook details information about the many benefits RFID offers asset tracking users including:

  • Eliminating unnecessary costs
  • Preventing product loss
  • Ensuring timely deliveries
  • Improving supply chain efficiency, productivity, and accuracy

The RFID Handbook also defines the different components of an RFID system – tags, readers, and middleware – and how they work together. In addition, the RFID Handbook breaks down the different frequencies as well as (our favorite) the different types of RFID tags – active, passive, and semi-active.

If you need further convincing or information about why RFID may be the right technology for your application the RFID Handbook also contains a section listing the top reasons to consider RFID. For example, reduced human error and labor costs is a primary benefit of RFID, thus improving performance, efficiency, and reliability.

RFID is still an emerging technology in many areas, but if you are interested in reading about some applications where RFID is being successfully used today as well as potential future applications, Metalcraft’s RFID Handbook has that too.

Finally, sometimes an off-the-shelf RFID solution just won’t work. That’s when it’s time to look at a custom RFID system and/or tag. Metalcraft’s RFID Handbook details different reasons why a custom RFID system and/or tag may be necessary for your application, including on-metal applications, different security applications, and more.

Again, we know RFID can be intimidating and we get that you may not know where to start. Metalcraft’s RFID Handbook is a great first step.  Download your copy today!

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