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Grey Trunk RFID: Asset Tracking Software Out of the Digital Box

Your complete RFID tracking solution is now available out-of-the-digital box using Metalcraft’s durable RFID tags and Grey Trunk RFID asset tracking software. We are your one-stop-shop for everything needed to deploy your asset tracking project. From choosing the proper RFID tags for your assets to implementing our cloud-based RFID asset tracking software, we are confident our solution will meet your needs.

Developed by the RFID experts at Metalcraft, Grey Trunk RFID is a recent addition to the Metalcraft brand. Working with RFID customers like you since the early 2000s, Metalcraft listened to your needs and broke down the barriers to effectively using RFID technology. With Grey Trunk RFID, you can expect an economical and easy way to deploy a complete RFID system that will help you save time and money. That’s ID Made Better®.

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Keep your team connected without breaking the bank

Grey Trunk RFID grows with your business. Unlimited users allow your employees to be connected and aligned with your asset tracking inventory constantly. All information updates in real-time, so every employee has the most recent asset information.

Seamlessly fits with your existing devices

Compatible with Android or iOS devices, Grey Trunk RFID seamlessly fits with the devices you already own. Your assets move constantly, so you need constant tracking wherever they are. The Grey Trunk RFID app allows you to manage your assets anywhere, from any device.

Have the data needed to make informed decisions

You will have all the information you need to make clear and intelligent decisions on every individual asset from start to finish. Whenever an action or status update happens, Grey Trunk RFID captures and stores this information permanently.

Get the information you need to be delivered to your inbox

Custom reporting gives you the information you want when you need it. By creating reports on-demand or scheduling them to be automatically delivered to your inbox, you can make sure nothing about your asset inventory is overlooked or goes unnoticed.

Easy to deploy, no infrastructure needed

Grey Trunk RFID is your turnkey asset tracking solution. Our mobile, cloud-based system means no expensive setup costs or site surveys. Best part? Get started with your asset tracking project the moment you create an account. Plans start as low as $19 per month, plus you get a 30-day free trial to make sure the software fits your needs.

Save Time and Money

Harness the power of RFID technology to help you save time and money with your physical fixed asset inventories. Capture data instantly, without a line of sight, to reduce the time it takes for physical inventories to minutes, not hours or days.

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Grey Trunk RFID and the ARK Advantage

Grey Trunk RFID is the asset tracking software product developed by ARK Business Systems, a subsidiary of Metalcraft, Inc.

With our software development expertise, specifically around RFID and barcode data collection, we are confident we can provide a solution that meets your needs-- from minor customization or a completely custom software solution. Our team has years of asset management experience and has worked with a wide variety of industries, solving many asset tracking problems.

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We take your vision and make it happen

Our team will be with you from concept to product launch, with continuous support, as we are a full-service software and product development team.

Experience for yourself the ARK Advantage. Contact us or schedule your free demonstration.

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Custom RFID Software

Learn about the power of custom RFID software in our "Complete Solution to RFID Asset Tracking Software Development" white paper.

Discover the benefits of custom RFID software, understand the building blocks of a mobile RFID asset tracking project, and determine the difference between customizing vs. custom by utilizing a white label solution.

This white paper will give you the information needed to launch your RFID asset tracking project.

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