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Integration Software That Is A Good Fit For Specific Enterprises

November 21, 2019
Software That Is a Good Fit for Certain Enterprises

Early adopters of Automatic Information Technologies (AIT) have been using computer technology to benefit business enterprises for decades.

During the fledgling years of AIT, many of the enterprises flirting with the new data retrieval technologies such as barcoding and RFID were new or growing too. Now AIT is becoming an omnichannel technology with new capabilities.  Enterprises with a large national and international scope are finding the need to revamp their computer infrastructure. Some systems may need total makeovers- at great cost, but some may only need retrofitting by specialized technicians.

To modernize and give greater efficiency to those systems, help exists, but where? The firms below are 3 of the many experts we work with.

Hayes Software Designs Solutions Specifically For K-12 Curriculum

Growing in the field of educational K-12 inventory control for close to 30 years, Hayes Software Systems now purveys inventory and tracking software to some of the largest school districts in North America.

To inventory and track assets efficiently, its TIPWeb-IT with RFID software is the first RFID inventory solution specifically designed for the large school district K-12 curriculum.

TIPWeb-IT with RFID provides all functionality for a standalone asset management system; it, however, also integrates with systems across a  district to simplify workflows with automated data imports and exports between business systems- SIS, ERP, HR system, MDM, purchasing, and fixed asset systems.

To identify everything from capital assets to lower dollar-value technology assets, Hayes recommends a wide variety of Metalcraft tags throughout the districts it serves.

Attached to typical school classroom wares, data can be gathered from tags placed on hard-to-reach assets and from tags placed on assets that need to be validated because of purchases through special funding such as Title Programs, E-rate, and CTE.

In a TIPWeb-IT with RFID system, the tag number replaces the serial number and is the primary key that tracks assets to be of value, especially in expediting the auditing process by allowing multiple tags to be recognized within seconds.

For this benefit and others, Director of Client Services, John Mellios, who has worked in large school districts and who, now, implements Hayes systems, says the company “recommend[s] Metalcraft to all of our clients because they [Metalcraft] have repeatedly provided the best possible product at a great price.” According to Hayes, if Metacraft tags aren’t used, it cannot guarantee the RFID results tested with Metalcraft products.

In its deployment of the TIPWeb-IT with RFID software, Hayes uses a comprehensive implementation framework that involves extensive input from the client including a site survey; followed by implementation recommendations (especially the use of appropriate RFID tagging) for seamless operation; customized on-site training and a prototype RFID trial run to alleviate system glitches before actual system-wide implementation occurs.

Website: www.hayessoft.com


Wave Reaction Fills Niche For Reusable Containers

Wave Reaction cloud-based software has filled a niche that standard enterprise management software often has overlooked: management of reusable containers in the overall design of a material flow.

By professionally gathering and managing data through the use of large-scale application of active and passive RFID and Wave Reusable SaaS, management of reusable containers has become ubiquitous.

Utilized independently of an enterprise’s technology stack or integrated directly into a collection of existing technologies, Wave Reusable SaaS provides accountability, timeliness and cost efficiencies throughout an entire supply chain.

Additionally, the software sends alerts, both internal to system users and external to container users, meant to improve the efficiency of operation by minimizing the number of assets required, reducing freight costs, and eliminating the need for alternate packaging. Wave Reaction uses Metalcraft RFID tags in its automated RFID collection system.

According to CEO and founder Karl Malik, “Tag consistency is your most important metric [in such a system]. You don’t want one tag to read twice as far as another. We have tested numerous RFID tags and the Metalcraft tag provides the greatest consistency of reads.”

Website: www.wavereaction.com


CDO Technologies Focuses On Solutions

CDO Technologies CDO Technologies is an AIT systems integrator that focuses on solutions rather than items sold.  For CDO, AIT professionals solve problems in tracking and inventory management. The strong technical backgrounds of these employees - from its president to new hires - have enabled CDO to specialize in UID and RFID technology for system management. Drawing from many sources, the firm looks for long-term, market-competitive solutions to find distinctive fixes for the unique problems that surface in data retrieval.

Working with commercial and federal sectors of the economy, CDO has the resources to provide counseling and implementation of new software and hardware into existing AIT systems. It also installs new AIT systems starting the process with an initial asset management strategy followed by system design, development, deployment, and sustainment.

To achieve optimal management control, CDO ensures seamless operation through testing, software purchase, and hardware purchase with implementation. Its goal is to leverage technical experience and asset management to maximize client ROI. Additionally, using Critical Asset Tracking Solution (CATS) or Optimizer, CDO provides a place to capture and store data. Not pretentious in design, CDO’s main concern is with the functionality of AIT systems.

Before deployment, to produce customer directed results, its team anticipates the problems that may occur in new systems and solves the messes that occur in established systems. Metalcraft takes pride in those results, too. In line with meeting implementation needs, CDO uses all types of Metalcraft tags.

To meet customer needs, CDO has stimulated Metalcraft innovation in tag perfection and validation processes. As confirmed by Robert Zielinski, former CDO Director of Commercial Marketing, “Metalcraft goes beyond creating great products. Rather they focus on aligning a great product with the best ROI.”

Website: cdotech.com

See all our software partners and integrators at http://www.universalrfid.com/category/partner-profiles and http://www.idplate.com/reseller-profiles.

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