Metal Barcode Tags

Durable, Reliable and Versatile: In harsh environments, nothing is easy. With Metal Barcode Tags, tracking can be.

From the arctic to the high heat of a welding manufacturing floor, you need asset tracking that is ready for anything. Our metal barcode tags are durable, versatile and utterly reliable in most every condition. Our deep expertise and customization guarantees that your tag can meet all of your needs…that way, you will never have to look for another tag ever again. Just another instance of our solutions being ID Made Better®.  

Teflon® Coated Nameplates are easy to clean, acid-resistant and temperature-resistant up to 500 °F. 

Metal Barcode Nameplates combine reliability with the durability you have come to expect with any Metalcraft product.

Tabbed Metal Barcode Nameplates have a convenient break-away tab to assist with liner removal. 

Metalcraft’s Foil 2D Dot is an ideal identification solution for small parts tracking.

The QuickTab Metal Asset Tag Dispenser is our patented product that makes metal nameplate application more efficient.


Metalcraft’s High Temperature Metal Barcode Nameplates are ideal for temperatures from 900°F - 1200°F.

Metalcraft’s Paint-Resist Metal Barcode Nameplates can withstand many paint applications while sporting a color design.

Our flexible Foil Barcode Labels conform to surfaces while withstanding chemicals, abrasion, solvents and high temperatures.

Ensure that pallets heading out will come back by tracking them with our Pallet Barcode Tags. Or use them to track products on the pallets. These long-wearing nameplates feature a special adhesive designed for today's polypropylene pallets.

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Metal Barcode Tags Case Studies

Robert Dietrick Company

Information is Power


Going above and beyond for their customers is something everyone at Robert Dietrick Company understands and aspires to achieve. The Indiana-based company is an industrial solutions provider that solves problems for manufacturers by helping improve safety, security, productivity and energy efficiency with their industrial equipment.

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Rainbow Air Movers

Inventory Control With Durable Identity

Metal barcode nameplates aid asset tracking for restoration company.

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Strengthening the Bond


It’s no secret today’s work environment comes with some unique challenges, with some departments feeling the supply chain crunch more than others. UnderCover, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket pickup truck bed covers, is no exception. The Rogersville, Missouri-based subsidiary of Truck Hero Inc. has been producing their revolutionary brand of truck bed covers for nearly 20 years.

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