High Temperature Metal Tags

Withstanding high heat and readable for years

Ready to beat the heat? Specialty high-temperature tags are available for when you are facing the most extreme temperatures. High-temperature tags are ideal for applications with temperature requirements beyond 900°F, with a maximum of 1200°F, making them a more cost-effective alternative to other expensive high-temp materials such as ceramics and stainless steel. Our Photo Anodized tags improve upon the inherent strengths of standard metal tags, making them even more resistant to whatever you throw at them. Just another instance of our solutions being ID Made Better®.

Dirt, grease, grime, even dried paint easily come off this revolutionary nameplate due to its durable Teflon® coating. Once clean, you get a fast, accurate barcode reading to track assets, fugitive emissions or work-in-process.

Metal Barcode Nameplates combine reliability with the durability you have come to expect with any Metalcraft product.

Metalcraft’s High Temperature Metal Barcode Nameplates can really take the heat. Made of durable anodized aluminum, these nameplates are ideal for applications with temperature requirements from 900°F - 1200°F.

Durability, reliability, and versatility – all in one product! Foil Barcode Labels are ideal for customers who require a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces yet need a product that will withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, abrasion, solvents and high temperatures.

Metal Tags White Paper

Our metal products can take the heat. Throw any tracking and tracing challenge our way and not only do we have that product, we also customize new ones for your unique needs. Our engineering experts use the greatest tech, or invent it, to solve your asset tracking challenges.

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Metal Tags White Paper

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