Paint (and more) Resist Metal Tags

Graffiti, grease, abrasion, high temps and caustic chemicals don't stand a chance

For ultimate readability, you want a label to be readable, even if it’s been painted on, grease has splattered on it, it’s been side-swiped by a tow-lift or been exposed to some high temps. With our paint resistant metal tags (with or without Teflon, depending on your application), your message and brand continues to shine through. Our tagging experts work with you to guarantee that your tag can meet all of your needs—being as tough as you need it. Now, that’s ID Made Better®.

Dirt, grease, grime, even dried paint easily clean off this revolutionary nameplate due to its durable Teflon® coating. Once clean, you get a fast, accurate bar code reading to track assets, fugitive emissions or work-in-process.

Metalcraft’s Paint-Resist Metal Bar Code Nameplates feature a special fluoropolymer laminate that resists 10-12 paint applications, grease, even graffiti, and can withstand temperatures up to 350°F.

Paint-Resist Metal Nameplates Resources

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It’s no longer a secret that every business needs to keep track of its assets to improve productivity. Asset tracking plays a central role in keeping any company running smoothly. 

So, asset tracking = productivity 💹 = happy clients 😍 = growth & profitability. 💰  

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