Metalcraft Announces Kyle Bermel as President

September 30, 2021
Kyle Bermel, Metalcraft president

MASON CITY, IOWA (October 1, 2021) - Metalcraft's Chief Operating Officer becomes president today in a succession move strengthening the Iowa-based manufacturer's ability to serve a growing market for their ID solutions. Bermel joins CEO and former president Steve Doerfler in leading Metalcraft's culture of innovation.

"As CEO, I have tremendous confidence in Kyle's servant leadership," said Doerfler. "We're preserving the values that have served Metalcraft for decades. I'm particularly dedicated to our vision for innovative products and development of our member-owners - work that will keep the company growing and successful."

Kyle Bermel joined Metalcraft as an RFID Engineer in 2012, advancing innovation and technology in his ascending roles. During his two years as COO, Bermel's operational excellence earned the respect of Metalcraft's board and member-owners while developing subsidiaries ARK Business Systems and Inlay Innovation.

"Today I'm grateful for the confidence of our board and member-owners in my ability to help lead Metalcraft," said Bermel. "It's been rewarding to serve a strong, innovative, growing company; I know we have experience and expertise company-wide to exceed our customers' expectations."

Since 1950, Metalcraft has provided property identification solutions from a headquarters in Mason City, Iowa. Metalcraft designs, engineers and manufactures custom RFID and barcode tags and labels for almost any tagging need, especially asset tracking, access control and OEM application. Metalcraft also provides a wide range of services including RFID prototyping and pilot projects. 

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