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Serial numbers, barcode, and RFID – why not all three? Metalcraft is a data-driven company where numbers are our business. And we’ve got the tools and processes in place to back it up. With over 80% of the products we produce containing some form of serialization, we go the extra mile to ensure your data is high quality, accurate, and safe.

Metalcraft RFID ConvertingMetalcraft – Your Partner for RFID Success

RFID Programming and Association File

Number sets, customized programming, proprietary programming, barcode match, multiple variable fields, and more! Metalcraft's RFID programming capabilities for UHF and HF are nearly endless. Whether it’s as simple as matching the barcode printed on the tag to the RFID information programmed to the tag or as complex as customer-defined proprietary programming, no other company has the RFID programming capabilities Metalcraft does – guaranteed. We have both inline and offline RFID converting/programming equipment which handles up to seven different variable fields – allowing customers to track different information about the asset with the same tag – and we specialize in programming multiple sets of the same numbers for specific customer requests.

Metalcraft’s RFID expertise goes beyond the programming itself to value-added services like providing an electronic association file for every order we produce. The RFID association file shows the information written to each RFID tag, the barcode number printed on each RFID tag, and the manufacturer-assigned tag identification number (TID) for each RFID tag thereby “associating” the RFID programming, the barcode information, and the TID for each RFID tag. For us, it’s simply another quality check in our total quality process, yet for you, our customer, it’s so much more. It’s peace of mind that what you wanted to be programmed into a specific RFID tag was actually programmed into that tag – and that is priceless.

UID TagsMetalcraft is your IUID Compliance Partner / UID Verification File

Item Unique Identification (IUID) is a simple concept that can be complex to implement. At Metalcraft, not only do we understand the importance of proper data configuration, but we also understand how to get it done. Our UID Specialists will work with you to help ensure success and the UID verification reports we send with every order gives you peace of mind by showing the properly concatenated data string as well as the print quality of the barcode meet established industry standards.


UnMatched – Our Data Verification Processes Are Best in the Industry

Metalcraft SerializationMetalcraft’s Serialization Engine

A tag is only as good as the information printed or stored on it.  Serial numbers, barcodes, or RFID information has to be precise for an ID system to function properly.  At Metalcraft we work with customers to ensure their data and numbering sequences stay organized and accurate.

We use our industry-leading Serialization Engine® to confirm serial numbers stay within sequences, track and identify complex serialization patterns, check customer files for serial number duplicates, and run organization level verification protocols to make sure ID numbers previously assigned within a company are not reissued. These verification features give our customers confidence that their ID tags are ready to be used without any ugly or unforeseen data issues.

Barcode VerificationBarcode Verification

Systems that rely on barcodes depend upon the readability and accuracy of the linear or 2D barcodes printed on the label.  Barcodes that cannot be read in the field by stationary or handheld scanners make ID systems unreliable and ineffective.  Every barcode tag and label that leaves our manufacturing facility goes through a rigorous certification process. Every barcode must grade at a C or above to meet standards and be released to the customer.  A C grade is not required or followed as standard procedure from many label providers, but at Metalcraft we believe it’s important that our barcodes are made to perform and read without question. Every barcode order receives a complete verification report documenting the grades and highlights the quality and transparency Metalcraft puts behind the products we produce.

Spreadsheet ListNumber History

Keeping track of your number history is often easier said than done. Spreadsheets with number history are deleted, lost, or misplaced; employee change over leaves gaps in knowledge of what numbers have been used in the past or what should be used in the future. Simple typos or employee mistakes can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of losses if items are erroneously given the wrong IDs.  We catalog and track every ID number ever created for a company, this not only makes reordering easy and straightforward but also enables us to make sure we have a complete record of when certain IDs were requisitioned providing peace of mind that every label is correct and accurate.