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Metalcraft Helps Business Keep Track of Their Mobile Assets

November 19, 2019
Mobile Asset Tracking Camera Equipment

Little did Tyler Beckman realize that when he founded LensRentals.com, his own camera rental website, that within six years his family-run business would become the most popular photographic equipment rental company in the United States. In a critical economic time when many businesses have been forced to consolidate, Beckman’s own business has grown exponentially, to the point where LensRentals.com now stocks over 8,000 copies of 700-odd photo-related items, with material ranging in value from anywhere between $250 to $25,000. 

It needs to be said: it’s a lot of valuable equipment to keep track of.

While extremely proud of the quality services he provides his customers, as a former semi-pro photographer himself, Beckman recognizes the need to maintain orderly inventory in the chaotic and high-end business he now finds himself in. To that effect, he recognizes the need for careful asset tracking. Being a leading salesperson in the digital age, he also recognizes that the old asset tracking methods of yesteryear can be improved upon.

Before the coming of two-dimensional bar code asset tags from Metalcraft, it was necessary to manually enter serial numbers or assign item numbers to each rental item. This process carried all the risks of human error, in that someone might mislabel a piece of equipment by accident. Furthermore, manually entering serial numbers to cameras disrupted the overall streamlined process of delivery. Beckman wanted a solution as innovative as was his own back in 2006.

With Metalcraft’s 2D bar code asset tags, LensRentals.com can now scan each returned piece of equipment and compare it with the precise condition it was in prior to rental. At an operational space 1/10th that of traditional bar codes, LensRentals.com can now keep track of its inventory precisely, clearly, and neatly: all qualities that a professional photographer would prize in terms of photographic work. 

This one instance is a small reminder of what Metalcraft can do for anyone at anytime: our business is keeping track of your business.

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