Metalcraft to Launch New RFID Security Tag

May 5, 2021
RFID security tags

Consumers tend to believe in the integrity of most of the people and products they come into contact with and use.

Occasionally, however, the integrity of a product is compromised by accident, sloth, or intent.

The discovery of such integrity breaches is what Metalcraft RFID security and authentication tags (often called tamper-resistant tags) are designed to do and designed to do efficiently.

For years, Metalcraft has offered barcode security tags with adhesive verification features to validate the integrity of products.

In addition to these tamper-evident tags already in its line, Metalcraft is now introducing its passive UHF RFID tamper-evident, security tag to the market to address security concerns.

RFID Security Tag Adds Additional Benefits

According to Mark Maliszewski, Product Development Engineer at Metalcraft, this new RFID tag has two advantages over the conventional barcode tamper-evident tag.

First, unlike barcode technology, the RFID security tag doesn’t need direct line-of-sight communication to determine tampering and security concerns.

Because RFID tags of any sort can scan products regardless of location, product items can be surveyed even if nestled within the perimeter of other items-on a skid within a pallet shipment, for instance.

With Metalcraft’s new RFID security tag, the added advantage is that the enclosed tag can discover an item that has been breached.  

The time and manpower costs saved over manual unstacking and inspection makes the purchase of the nascent RFID security tag viable.

In addition, those in receivership of the pallet or other merchandise are assured of untouched goods keeping the integrity of the shipper above reproach.

Security Tag Also Can Be Customized

Second, a Metalcraft tag will be designed to meet customer needs, unlike the few similar, stock security tags now on the market that are not adaptable for specific applications.

Metalcraft embraces customization in all aspects of its business and highlights this feature in the production of the new passive UHF RFID tamper-evident, security tags.

Often shelf-ready tags are not appropriate for unique situations, but these new tags can adapt: container locks, for instance, often have unique configurations that call for the specialized security identification RFID custom tag give.

Other foreseeable uses are in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for use on vials and other equipment that poses a mortality risk if not secure. Sheds, trailers, windshields are also feasible markets.

Security RFID Tag Ideal For Valuable Assets

High market sales are within reach too. Consider breached

  • high-end designer fragrances. (Oh pity, the suitor, who on holiday eve, gives his sweetheart an adulterated bottle of expensive perfume!)
  • fine dining (Pity, the chef who presents tainted foie gras-from his extensive pantry stores-to a diner eager to impress a client with liver pate!)

Tamper detection and security breaches have repercussions all along the distribution chain. Validation of a product through the use of RFID security tags can be invaluable.

While tamper detection often is seen with dismay, circumstances occur when the detection is welcomed, for instance, when cans, etc., are opened and need to be the first used after opening.  

Detection of the opened product will eliminate the waste that can occur when multiple products are opened and sit to deteriorate.

Additional Loop Amps Up RFID Security Tag

In construction, the RFID tag is much like a traditional RFID tag says Kyle Bermel, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Metalcraft, but differs because of an additional loop extant in the inlay that, when broken, causes a chip-based change that indicates tampering.

Like traditional tags, chips are in protective packaging and, when necessary, incorporate temperature and tamper-evident inks.

As with other tags, these new passive UHF RFID tamper-evident, security tags can have additional bells and whistles with additional customization.

Made to customer preference, tags may carry additional tamper-proof mechanizations such as special adhesives that leave an imprint residue (often dots or VOID) if removal of the tag has been accomplished or corruption has taken place.

Barcodes can also be added for dual breach confirmation and to accommodate the various technological environments in which tags may be used.

Again, depending on the RFID tag customer, sensor and GPS tracking technology too can be incorporated.

These modifications, understandably, will add to the tag cost and production time of the order but may be worth the cost depending on asset value.

Contact a Metalcraft representative at 855-747-3595 or fill out the form below to discuss your custom RFID security application needs.

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