Metalcraft RFID PartnerLink Program

What is it?

  • A new program designed to help strengthen our RFID VAR/integrator partnerships, deepen the understanding of Metalcraft RFID products and provide a mutually beneficial way to help grow RFID sales. RFID PartnerLink Logo

Who is eligible?

  • Any VAR Select member who has completed the
    initial requirements
    • PartnerLink contract
    • Follow Metalcraft on social media
    • Online Metalcraft RFID product training
    • Case study and/or Metalcraft testimonial*
    • Agree to a yearly strategy meeting with Metalcraft personnel

What’s in it for me?

  • Exclusive access to the new VAR website
  • Recognition on Metalcraft website
  • Qualify for price protection
  • Eligible for additional marketing support
  • Eligible for additional discount (on top of VAR Select discount)
  • “Sneak peek” at new Metalcraft RFID products
  • Certificate and logo to display on website

When does it start?

  • Program benefits go into effect the day the requirements are completed and last for three (3) years at which time renewal will be reviewed.

Where can I get more information?

  • Contact your Metalcraft Territory Specialist or Julia Deets, VP Marketing & Customer Experience at for more information on the RFID PartnerLink Program.


Frequently Asked Questions About RFID PartnerLink Program

  • Q: What does VAR Select mean?
    • A: The VAR Select Program rewards VARs/Integrators for sales the previous fiscal year by offering an additional discount that runs on a calendar year. VAR/Integrators need $20,000 in sales during the fiscal year to be eligible.
  • Q: Are all projects included in the RFID PartnerLink Program?
    • A: The RFID PartnerLink Program is designed to help VARs/Integrators generate new RFID business; therefore, only new RFID opportunities are eligible for the additional discount.
  • Q: I want to participate in the PartnerLink Program, but I don’t want to provide my name or my customer’s name for a case study. How can I do that?
    • A: We understand that it is not always possible to divulge either your customer’s or your own name for a case study and we respect that. However, we can still write an effective case study generically about the industry and technology, thereby fulfilling the requirement and keeping your anonymity.
  • Q: Who writes the case study?
    • A: Metalcraft takes care of everything for the case study.
  • Q: What does price protection mean?
    • Metalcraft will not knowingly price the same opportunity to the end-user after we have priced it to VAR/Integrator or we will pay additional commission to VAR/Integrator.
  • Q: My company has been purchasing Metalcraft RFID products for years, why do I have to do the online training?
    • A: While we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that our VARs/Integrators are extremely knowledgeable in RFID, we want to ensure they are experts in Metalcraft RFID – understanding everything that we have to offer from a product and capabilities standpoint.

*Case study completed or testimonial was given in last 12 months