The benefits of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) are many: helping companies track assets and manage inventory; automating formerly tedious, manual processes; allowing better control of production; enhancing traceability and quality control, and so much more. One aspect of RFID technology often overlooked is its ability to enable access control. An RFID access control system leverages this technology to verify movement of people, vehicles or products into and out of a specific location.  

RFID Access Technology from Metalcraft offers different benefits depending on industry segments, with myriad applications for commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural, residential and government facilities. From cotton production to tollway authorities in Egypt, this new sourcebook, RFID in Access Control: Industry Trends and Case Studies, offers practical, real-world examples of RFID access technology in action. Learn how it can:  

  • Increase security 
  • Protect assets 
  • Improve customer loyalty 
  • Streamline travels 
  • Inform future planning 
  • And much more.  

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