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Permanent Paint Mask Bar code Labels

November 19, 2019
Permanent Paint Mask Bar Code Labels

Is your company a business that tracks equipment as it moves through the production process? Are you tired of having to reapply a label to your equipment after every paint job? This month, Metalcraft is featuring our Permanent Paint Mask Barcode Labels which provide a solution for that issue.

A standard bar code label will not hold up to repeat paint applications, but Metalcraft Permanent Paint Mask Bar code Labels will! These labels are different from regular polyester bar code labels because they feature a special flouropolymer laminate that resists multiple paint applications (approximately 10-12). This laminate, which is very similar to Teflon®, can even withstand grease, graffiti and temperatures up to 250°F.

Once this label is properly applied to the piece of equipment, you can track it all the way through the production process (including your paint applications). After painting, simply pick off the paint and you're left with a clean bar code label that is easy to scan.

Metalcraft's Permanent Paint Mask Bar code Labels are produced using a subsurface printing process, which reverse prints on the underside of the material. This process allows for protection of the logos, copy and barcode against extreme solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion. It also eliminates the need for a laminate and protects against delamination.

The material for this product is a .002" thick polyester, available in white or silver. Standard adhesive is a .002" thick, pressure-sensitive adhesive which adheres well to uneven surfaces and even slightly oily surfaces.

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