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GlobeRanger and Metalcraft team up to provide ID solution to whiskey distillery


Making whiskey is an age-old process that large distilleries have down to a science. One large US-based distillery wanted to improve their data collection process by integrating RFID technology to track and utilize data about a critical asset in the production process – the barrel.

To accomplish this, they turned to GlobeRanger, a provider of intelligent edgeware for IOT enablement and asset inventory management for manufacturing, distribution/logistics, aviation, construction, healthcare and defense.

RFID Tags or Bar code Labels - Which is the Better Asset Tag Solution?

RFID tags or bar code labels? It's the age old question and depending on who you ask and what their relationship is to that particular tracking technology you will probably get a different answer. My answer - it depends. There truly are many different factors which need to be considered when selecting a tracking technology.