3M 7847 Polyacrylic IUID Labels


  • The cast modified polyacrylate facestock has a matte surface that can be marked with a CO2 or YaG laser
  • Long-term durability
  • Excellent abrasion, temperature, chemical and environmental resistance
  • High-resolution, high-contrast label images
  • Excellent barcode readability
  • Permanent adhesion to LSE plastics, oily metals, powder coatings and textured surfaces

Our laser-etched 3M 7847 Polyacrylic IUID Labels provide an excellent alternative for applications that require high-contrast images, reliable readability, long-term durability and flexibility. Extremely resistant to thermal shock and temperature extremes. Polyacrylic UID Labels are virtually impervious to all but the most caustic chemicals. In the same family of plastics as Kevlar® and Lexan®, polyacrylic provides for a long-lasting, very robust asset tag. Polyacrylic material is easy to work with, and simple to train others how to apply it to a variety of surface types.

Specifications Data
Material3M 7847 Polyacrylic Material
Bar Code & SerializationBarcode and human-readable equivalent. Code 39 is the standard symbology with a range of 2.7 to 9.4 CPI (characters per inch). Optional symbologies include Code 128, I 2 of 5, 2D DataMatrix and QR Code
Label CopyThe label copy my include block type, stylized type, logos or other designs
Standard AdhesiveHigh performance adhesive
SizesVarious sizes available
PackagingShipped on sheets
Shipment5 business days
Destructive Test Data
Chemical Test Summary
Resistance to chemicals and solvents: samples applied to glass panels, allowed to wet out for 72+ hours, immersed in chemicals below. Ambient room temperature conditions.

Key: NE = No Effect, AO = Adhesive Ooze, AL = Loss of Adhesive to Glass Panel, TD = Tag Delaminated, PE = Print Erosion Under Laminate, ER = Adhesive Edge Erosion, TW = Tag Wrinkled
Chemical Test Data
Sample (Immersion Time)WaterSalt WaterBathroom CleanerGlass CleanerIsopropyl 99%Brake Fluid DOT 3AcetonDiesel FuelNitric AcidHydrochloric AcidSodium Hydroxide
Temperature Test Summary
Resistance to Extreme Temperatures
Temperature Test Data
Key: NE = No Effect
Temperature-40F (-40C)450F (232.2C)
Exposure Period24 hours1 hour (max temp exposure)
Read Range Test Data
Barcode Readability Test Data
Abrasion Test Data
Label Adhesion Test Summary
Measured according to DIN 306446, Part 1 (300 mm/mm at 180 angle, film with: 25.4 mm. Adhesive performance for each case can depend on the texture of the surface. The above adhesive values are average values. They are not appropriate for specifications.
Label Adhesion Test Data
Adhesion Test Results
AdhesionPerformance/Bond StrengthPerformance/Bond Strength
Stainless Steel108 oz/inch30 N/inch
Aluminum108 oz/inch30 N/inch
Polypropylene72 oz/inch20 N.inch
Polyethylene64 oz/inch18 N/inch
Polycarbonate90 oz/inch25 N/inch
ABS101 oz/inch28 N/inch
PVC108 oz/inch30 N/inch
Pull Test Data